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    Chaim: Nisht-Shabbos-geredt, but how much did you pay for that watch?

    Yankl: Nisht-Shabbos-geredt, I bought it from a wholesaler I do business with for $100, half off the list price.

    Chaim: Nisht-Shabbos-geredt, that’s a great watch and a great deal. Can you get me one for that price?

    Yankl: Nisht-Shabbos-geredt, well, sure, but I need to charge you a $10 fee for my efforts.

    Chaim: Nisht-Shabbos-geredt, deal!


    Lipa made a pretty good song out of that phenomenon.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Nisht loshon hora geredt, but yankl’s watch isn’t all that nice, which isn’t so bad because his suit’s not too great either.


    Its like when someone keeps hurting you and just thinks they can fix it with “sorry”. Things don’t work that way. These are loop holes that need to be closed and sewn up, never to be used again.

    Pashuteh Yid

    This is how the joke goes:

    In shul Shabbos morning:

    Nisht shabbos geredt but I have a 2005 Ford Taurus for sale, do you know anybody looking for a nice car?

    Nisht shabbos geredt, how much are you asking?

    Nisht Shabbos geredt, about 10,000.

    At Shabbos mincha:

    Nisht Shabbos geredt, I’ll give you 6,000.

    Nisht Shabbos geredt, sorry, I sold it already.


    the cheeseburger was very tasty, “nisht treif ge’essin”.

    Shticky Guy

    I smiled at the posts above although really i should have cried. Cos like nobody would ch”v post in here on shabbos and end off with nisht af shabbos geposted, they also shouldnt discuss things which are assur to talk about and finish off paradoxically with the phrase nisht af shabbos geredt!

    So why do people do this?

    Well, I have a theory that because hachayim v’hamaves beyad halashon, there’s a much larger yetzer hora to do aveiros thru speech. We therefore do aveiros via speech that we would never do thru action or deeds because we dont have the yetzer hora to do so. But this does not excuse it!

    Similarly, from the mechaber we see that it’s worse to talk in chazaras hashatz than to kill someone r”l. But by walking into most shuls, this will unfortunately not be too obvious.


    We could also do mitvos with speech faster than with action. I think the Chofetz Chaim says that.

    One the bright side (I always have my namesake in mind!), at least they’re acknowledging that it’s Shabbos, and it’s not propoer to do in Shabbos. That too is a step in the right direction.


    I think you’re talking Loshon Hora on your fellow Jews…

    me too

    A theory on the origin of the term.

    It was a retort to someone who started discussing Divrei Chul

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    Shticky Guy

    Zeeskite Who is your namesake?


    Zeeskite; I’m with you on that theory. (Why people utter that sentence, when they do just the opposite.) It’s a “Limud Z’chus” (Or a limit Z’chus.)It’s a reminder that these words shouldn’t be spoken on Shabbos… But we still do it!


    talk right now


    Lake guy if you eat chazer half as often as many say lashon harah, that is a wonderful kabalah! Good luck with it

    YW Moderator-42

    As long as you’re speaking “Heiligeh Yiddish” then everything is muttar, whether it is Chillul Shabbos or Lashon Harah.


    How about posting LH in English in the YWN Coffee Room, is that ok?


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    Your manner of speech on shabbos should not be the same as the week. speech is forbidden, but thinking is permitted.

    Rashi says it means no discussing business:

    The Shulchan Aruch codifies this, but with a focus on not discussing business, and the Rema cites the Terumas Ha’Deshen (307:1):

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    Rav Herschel Schachter of Yeshiva University hypothesizes that the minhag of saying Nisht Shabbos G’redt may have developed from a totally separate Halacha in Nichum Aveilim -comforting the mourners and Bikur Cholim- visiting the sick. That although technically there is no problem with being Mevaker a Choleh or being Menachem Avel, however, because inevitably you will come to discuss things that are Divrei Chol (ie. Details of the sickness, the details of the death) you should add or change when saying either Hamakom Yenachem Eschem or Refuah Shleima one must add “Shabbos Hi M’liztok U’refuah Krova Lavo” for health and “Shabbos Hi L’Nachem” for a mourner, as if to say that although we shouldn’t visit Hashem should give you…thus it developed that saying Nisht Shabbos G’redt before talking about actual Divrei Chullin, as a kind of play on the pre-existing Halacha in Hilchos Bikur Cholim and Nichum Aveilim. Nonetheless, despite its halachic origin, Rav Schachter says that saying nisht shabbos geredt does not help to speak about forbidden subjects.


    I think it’s wonderful that a thread which died four years ago had a t’chiyas ha’meisim. There are alot more which should be brought back.

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