Nisson 9th

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    Today being Nisson 9th, is the 44th Johrzeit of Rav Aryeh Levine ZTKLLH’H, A.K.A. “Tzadik In Our Time”.

    Moreover, today Nisson 9th, is the 31st anniversary, of the illegal entry into the Falklands by the Argentinans, which ended up costing 649 Argentinan lives, 255 British lives, and 3 Falkland civillian lives.

    It is very important for the new Argentinan pope as well as every other of the 40 Million Argentinan to comprehend in no uncertain terms, that the Falklands, are 100% British.


    This is a topic that is very near and dear to me: the sovreignity of the Falkland Islands. For you know, the Falkland Islands ARE British!

    And being that they are nowhere near the international date line, there is no dispute as to when Shabbos commences.

    Mark my words, the Falklands will rise again.

    abra cadabra

    The Argentine claim to the Falklands is specious as the British sovereign claim to the Falklands precedes any Spanish claim.


    Regreso La Malvinas por Argentina!!!!

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