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    Even if he were to believe that the “territories” somehow, for some weird reason “belong” to the grandchildren of Arab immigrants (called as “palestinians” since the early 1960s), he did not sta this to the government of Israel
    He denounced the Jewish nation as a whole.

    Well, let us see his actions now…


    Damian Pachter, “Chile’s president-elect backs BDS, accuses Israel of ‘genocide'”, ILH, 12.20.21

    Two years ago, Gabriel Boric responded to a Rosh Hashana gift of honey from the local Jewish community by saying they could “start by demanding Israel return the Palestinian territory it illegally occupies.”

    Chile is home to some half a million Palestinian immigrants, most of whom are Christian. The country’s Jewish population, in comparison, numbers only tens of thousands.
    President of the Chilean community in Israel Gabriel Colodro told Israel Hayom that “Boric has voted for every bill against Israel, called Israel a murderous state on public television, and consistently supports boycott of Israel.”
    However, Colodro said, he is Chile’s president-elect, a fact that should not only be respected, but appreciated. “He will be judged by his actions, not his declarations,” Colodro said.
    “His remarks and the agreements he has made have an antisemitic nature, but it’s not important what he has said, but what he will do. There is concern for the Jewish community [in Chile], but we wish him success,” Colodro said.


    Democrats agree with him




    @lakewhut, the radical liberals like Soros’ buddies, call themselves voice for “peace…”


    When the other candidate is a supporter of one of the most brutal dictators of the 20th century, almost anyone would be preferred. 🙁


    charlie > other candidate is a supporter of one of the most brutal dictators of the 20th century

    I am not following Chile politics closely, but pre-election coverage in US was hilarious – OMG, look at the right-winger, without even mentioning any problems with the opposite side. You are really elevating Pinochet too high. I believe 1-3 thousand of people were killed by his regime. Any of central American revolutions took 10,000s of life in a year, and I think you are forgetting Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Kims, Campuchia were also in 20th century


    A few thousands murdered and tens of thousands tortured. Everyone in Chile knows someone who was a victim of the regime. And they don’t apparently want to go back there.

    The problem is that the mainstream center-left and the mainstream center-right failed here. The center-left ruled Chile for two decades after Pinochet and failed to re-establish a decent safety net. Now millions there are looking at poverty in retirement because of Pinochet’s destruction of their social security system. Boric’s promise to create a welfare state is obviously appealing (although voters did not give him the congressional majority that would be needed to accomoplish it). More recently the center-right ruled and accomplished, well, nothing.

    Boric isn’t really in a position to do much to harm Israel. But he can do a lot of harm to Chile. He could be another Allende. Pray for Chile.


    Thus guy has clarity:

    Seffi Kogen on Twitter (Dec 19-20 ’21):

    “Chile just elected an antisemitic president. No, not the far-right guy whose dad was literally a Nazi, the far-left guy who 2 years ago reacted to receiving honey for Rosh HaShanah by saying Chile’s Jews should “ask Israel to return illegally occupied Palestinian territory.”

    I mean, what kind of sociopath gets a jar of honey from a tiny religious minority (meant as a wish for a sweet Jewish new year) and replies by mocking that religious practice and demanding that those Jews (who are Chilean, not Israeli) take accountability for Israel’s actions?

    The answer, by the way, is one who can count to 500,000, which is the number of Palestinians in Chile (compared to just 18,000 Jews), as long as that person is calculating enough to try to pit minorities against one another to climb the political ladder.

    I must say, it’s been, uh, interesting watching journalists like @Travis_Waldron, @SominiSengupta ,@BorisvanderSpek, and others write and tweet about this result without ever once mentioning Boric’s racism against Jews.


    charlie > The problem is that the mainstream center-left and the mainstream center-right failed here.

    By GDP numbers, Chile outperformed other South American companies on the strength of the market economy created by Pinochet’s economic team – consistenly with different center parties. They may have people who need a better social net, but their counterparts have much more people who are caught in that net of poverty. Note that most of countries that fell under socialist dictatorships – stay there for decades with no end, not like post-Pinochet.

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