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    I read this story on the Bat Aliyah blog.

    A few days ago, I heard a story from a close friend who heard it from the wife of the man to whom it happened. This man spends his days learning Torah in Jerusalem and writing books of Torah commentary. Each time he finishes a manuscript, he goes to Bnei Brak to see Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, son of the Steipler Gaon and a major posek in the Haredi community, to get Rabbi Kanievsky’s endorsement on his newest sefer. His newest manuscript is a commentary on the Book of Eicha (Lamentations) which we read on Tisha B’Av. According to the story, Rav Kanievsky told the man that this time, he cannot give an endorsement to the newly-produced manuscript.

    Why not?

    “Because we’re not going to need it this year.”

    Does anybody know if it’s true? Has anybody heard this from some other source?


    Haifag, read the first sentence of the story that you read. Carefully. I heard (1) from friend (2) from wife (3) of man (4). By the time you read it, what is this? Would you say a sixth-hand, unverifiable story? These reports always have similar configurations.

    I respond because I find these stories very harmful. Especially to young children, but often even to adults, who are crushed, and tragically may even falter in their Emunah, when the fantastical predictions do not occur as predicted.

    It is our duty to await Mashiach “b’chol yom she’yavo.” That’s every single day. Irregardless (I put that word in specially for you, haifag) of the latest fifth- sixth- or even second-hand story du jour. We must leave the cheshbonos and nistaros to the One who is looking after us as we make our way through this long, painful galus, undespairing, and praying to Him for our redemption.


    Honestly, I’ve heard so many stories about gedolim claiming Mashiach will come, and I never had any verification of them – except in once case. The one case was when R’ Elya Svei said that Mashiach would come in 2009. My brother was there and heard him say it in Darchei Torah. Obviously, Mashiach did not come in 2009.

    I heard that R’ Kaduri zt”l was told by the Chofetz Chaim that he’d see Mashiach come. I heard that many Rabbonim said Mashiach would come in the year 2000. I’ve heard many stories where someone had a dream where a rosh yeshiva who had passed away came and told him Mashiach was coming that year. None of these actually came true (yet), so why would I believe that this happened?

    Yes, we have to believe that Mashiach can come at any time. We can’t, however, live our lives assuming that it will. We need to prepare for both possibilities.

    I also don’t believe this story because Eicha is still part of the Torah, and the Torah is eternal – do you think the Torah will cease to exist when Mashiach comes? Chas v’shalom!

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    the first line gave it away (additionally when you add women to the mix it gets further skewed, jk dont get worked up)


    I just took it to mean we won’t need a commentary on Eicha to understand it’s message this year.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    I would not believe this story for two reasons:

    1) Why would we not “need” a sefer after Mashiach comes?

    2) There is no nevuah these days, only ruach hakodesh. There is a difference. Also, R’ Chaim Kanievsky is not known for making promises.


    There was another story going round that R’ Chaim told someone they could make a chasuna during the 9 days because there won’t be any this year. These stories are very damaging and I think that such a gadol would be highly upset if he heard them.


    No one should believe any of these stories since they can not be verified. However, even if in fact he did say it, nothing is definite. Forget recent gedolim who made predictions, rishonim and acharonim gave dates for when moshiach would come and it all passed.

    Rashi has a date. Ramban in the beginning of bereishis has a long detailed piece and gives a time. I think Rav Sadia Gaon also? Other Rishonim did as well and it all passed. Ramabam says that there is no mesorah on these things and not much benefit comes from looking into these things and one should not make calculations. There is no disagreement about the gemorah that says that those who make calculations for when he will arrive should rot (to that effect).

    So why did so many rishonim and acharonim make calculations? They all understood that the gemorah means only if you believe that the specific time given must be so. They gave it because they wanted it so much. They did not believe that it must be so or they would all have been violating the gemorah.

    Even the Rambam himself who writes about the issur of calculating give a date! He has a mesorah from his grandfather! But it is long passed. He obviously agrees that the issur is only if you fully believe that it must be so.

    The Chasam Sofer also comments regarding the Ramban’s time frame which long past, that due to his desire for the coming of mashiach he made a calculation which was much sooner than the real date. So the Chasam Sofer makes his own new calculation (based on the long piece in Ramban at end of first perek in Bereishis) and guess what? His time long passed as well….

    Bottom line. These great men got reward for WANTING AND ANTICIPATING moshiach as is clearly seen in their calculations.

    I seem to recall that there is an Iben Ezra in Daniel or perhaps a different mefaresh that even he did not know the exact date as the verse states, Go Daniel…for the matter is hidden…I do not have a Daniel with me so I can not confirm.

    We must all 1)believe in it and 2)hope for it. (hoping for it is actually part of the ani mamin. See Ramban’s actual terminology in Sanhedrin mishanyos – Cheilek). Yes he will come, but when? NO ONE knows.


    The Rambam wrote an entire Iggeres about such things.


    Something is missing in this story or not clicking right, because Eicho is still part of Kessuvim, and still continues to be an authentic topic of Limud Kesuvim, even after Bias Moshiach.


    Honestly, I’ve heard so many stories about gedolim claiming Mashiach will come, and I never had any verification of them – except in once case. The one case was when R’ Elya Svei said that Mashiach would come in 2009. My brother was there and heard him say it in Darchei Torah. Obviously, Mashiach did not come in 2009.

    I hope no one will consider it disrespectful of me to say

    sorry, really not comfortable with that statement. – 29

    By the way, due to the sad situation in Eretz Yisrael’s yeshiva world, don’t believe too quickly any stories about Rav Chaim, Rav Aharon Leib Steinman, or Rav Shmuel Auerbach.



    It is ironic, that the last Seudo Mafsekes that shall be consumed during Obama’s fledgling presidency, shall be consumed next Monday on his Secular Birthday.

    I am wondering what message this imparts?


    Really, 29?!

    Yes, really. My achrayus is to concern myself with both the words spoken, and how they can be interpreted by people on a public website.

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    My Brother in law heard from R’ Don Segal’s mouth that “Moshiach Uht Uht”


    and I believe it! I witnessed a major miracle today – a real powerful rosha who is trying to ruin someones life had a major legal setback today!!!!!!! Moshiach is right at our door!


    I wouldn’t get too excited. The Chofetz Chaim said it was Ikvesa d’Meshicha, and he was niftar in ’33. Now it’s ’14.

    guardmytongue: Even if a legal setback for a rasha counts as a miracle, have they not been happening since bri’as ha’olam?

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    I wouldn’t get too excited. The Chofetz Chaim said it was Ikvesa d’Meshicha, and he was niftar in ’33. Now it’s ’14.

    and your point is? Ikvesa means he’s close, like hearing footsteps of someone approaching outside your door, and 80 years in relation to 5774 is close


    The prophet Yeshaya tells us (????? ??:?):

    ?? ??? ??? ???? ???? ????? ???.

    “For the day of vengeance is in my heart and the year for my redeemed ones is coming.”

    The Talmud (Sanhedrin 99a) states:

    ??? ??? ??? ????? ???’ ??? ????? ?? ???? ???: ???? ?????, ?????? ???? ?? ?????.

    “What is meant by the day of vengeance is in my HEART? Reish Lakish said: I [HaShem] have revealed it to my heart, but not to the angels.”

    The Midrash (Breishis Rabba 65:12) says:

    ???? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ???’ ?????? ????? ????? ????? ???’ ????? ?? ??? ??? ????.

    The Midrash (Shocher Tov 9:2) says:

    ?’ ????? ???? ??? ?’ ?????: ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ???, ?? ????? ??, ??? ????? ?? ??? ??? ????, ???? ????? ?? ???, ???? ???? ???.

    “R’ Shmuel learned in the name of R’ Yehuda: If someone tells you when the final redemption is coming, do not believe him, as it says, the day of vengeance is in my heart. The heart did not reveal it to the mouth, to whom could the mouth reveal it?”

    Therefore, nobody could know when the redemption is to arrive. Rather, every day we need to pine and look forward to its arrival in the future, whether it is to arrive today or in fifty years.

    Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky zt”l was asked: When is Moshiach coming? He answered: Those who know, do not say. Those who say, do not know.


    Random – miracles happen every second, no doubt. But this rosha is a part of a very corrupt legal team. Slip ups don’t happen often and this one was miraculous!

    YW Moderator-42

    Perhaps R’ Chaim said something like “hopefully it won’t be needed this year” and the people listening “missed” the word “hopefully”. Or perhaps he said it as a bracha such as “it shouldn’t be needed this year”

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    42: Actually, knowing R’ Chaim, it’s entirely possible that he meant that no one would gain anything from learning it.


    guyz, i always learned that there are many times that Mashiach has a very strong potential to arrive. It could be that all these Rabbonim/Gedolim are 100% right when they say what they say, but maybe since we don’t end up deserving it at that time, we have to wait for the next time.

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