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    Little Froggie

    I beg everyone’s Mechilla for fooling you…

    Kidding aside. I do humbly beg mechila for any hurt “shtech” I might have sent anyone. I certainly did not intend to, I generally have been trained not to bark or bite… but there are times… ברוב דברים לא יחדל פשע – more words, more room for sin…. so please EVERYONE take the time to forgive me (and all my other gilgulim here, ZK being the most infamous)

    And a request for all you dear members and posters of this hallowed coffee room, try to have me in mind, this Yom Kippur. I feel I could use everyone’s and anyone’s Tefillos…. Anyone with an extra good word to put in for me… everything counts! I’ve not been so active here lately, got a bit “busy”, don’t have the koach or strength to respond to the numerous pressing issues at hand. But I’m still more or less around (very round), snoop in and read, haven’t given up the membership just yet… So as a group… maybe everyone together… #Little Froggie for a Good Sweet Year!!

    If my tefillos are worth anything… I’ll try to have all of us in mind, בל”נ.

    May we all be Zoche and merit a sweet, good, fulfilling year, full of most productive, zestful, and happy days, attaining shleimus and serving our Creator from with an abundance of wealth, much serenity and clearness of mind. May we all behold nachas from our offspring (a bracha to get married and a bracha to have offspring!) with joy and happiness many, many fruitful years ! ! !



    Of all people in the whole wild world, Froggie, methinks you have never said anything remotely controversial. Unlike, cough, someone else on this thread.


    AMEN! And to you as well (even more of a copout than cut and paste)


    Little Froggie

    Thank you, for you kind words, 29, Joseph.

    Apparently someone did have me in mind I’m starting to see things B”H lightening up… וה’ הטוב יגמור.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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