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    hey everyone! I’m not accepted to any seminary and right now it seems my choices are btwn 2 EXTREMELY modern seminaries: not my type… Neone got any chizzuk for me?


    Try halichos no links

    It is Bais Yaakov. Yeshivish but not crazy. Really great girls

    Never stop trying!


    I dont know you well, and this chizuk is probably not what i would want to hear if i dont get accepted next year, but just think that this is all bashert. Maybe you will get engaged during the seminary year! I”H. Maybe the seminaries you applied for really werent good for you. Trust me hashem knows what he is doing. It’s your nisayon. How you want to pass it is really up to you. On the other hand, dont get me wrong. hatzlacha in finding the right seminary!


    Good for you! You’ll have one more year of experience in the real world than your seminary friends.


    like NSH said, keep in mind its all the best from Hashem,the seminaries you applied to werent right for you,and maybe you just dont need seminary right now in your life, trust in Hashem and look at it positivily, you never know what could be around the courner 🙂

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    maybe look into the smaller seminaries. you can still apply to those now.


    The fact that you aren’t going because the options you have are too modern and, you are asking for chizuk means you want to grow. In more modern seminaries, I can tell you this : It is very easy to go downhill, you’re on your own and it is a complete free for all. A nice percentage of girls are looking to get a “college experience.” You will have to be very strong to grow in such an environment. Good luck! Ta’ali vitaztlichi!


    take the $30-$50k you would have wasted and spend some on a seminary here in the US where you will most liekely gain more. Take the rest and invest it so when you get married you will have a nest egg to start off with or a larger downpayment on a house.


    Question for NSH and Yiddishemeidel: If not getting in to places is from Hashem, what happened to the Bechirah Chofshis of those who make the admissions decisions?


    They have answers, Sam. They always have answers. That’s the way it is with these religious folk.


    Question for NSH and Yiddishemeidel: If not getting in to places is from Hashem, what happened to the Bechirah Chofshis of those who make the admissions decisions?


    I ain’t sure what you’re driving at, or why you’re saying that on this thread. You can ask that about anything in life.


    I’m sorry that you feel you have to conform to someone else’s idea of what your type is. This is not what people want to hear, but you most likely weren’t excluded by mistake. You were most likely excluded because in fact you don’t meet the shallow and narrowly defined criteria of acceptance, which are set arbitrarily and don’t bear any resemblance to what objective goodness is. Don’t be upset that they mistakenly misjudged you, be upset that you judge yourself by someone else’s idea of quality.


    Retake and ED at UVA.


    iluvbeingjewish – if you do look up bnos chana/halichos/azamra feel free to be in touch and hook up by us in RBS

    All I can say is it’s not something to be “mevater” on and is a totally worth it experience. I would never be what I am today if I didn’t go to sem (same goes for shana Bet, went to Maalot) – and my life would be totally different and likely much less fulfilling that it is today. If you have to see if you can get into any track in Neve with an option to get into a frummer track once you’re already here…and make sure to talk to people to know which classes to go to that are worthwhile – it will truly change your life if you can pull off the price or getting scholarships etc.

    I had taken early admissions and gone into a new sem that opened (and therefore was desperate to accept more girls) even though I had no idea how that would turn out. Would be happy to guide/direct you, have YWN connect us…


    The idea of sem is for you to grow spiritually. Don’t go somewhere that will hinder your growth just for the sake of going. Find something that’s in line with your hashkafos locally, take a job, a course, volunteer, in whatever combination seems right to you — with proper guidance. If you do it right you’ll gain more than you would in sem. Stay positive!


    I thought the idea was to put on weight and make friends and have a line on your shidduch resume.

    (And be convinced to marry a learning guy, which will hopefully not wear off until after you are unhappily married to him and working long hours with kids.)


    You mean not accepted to any Israeli seminary? Yavneh in Cleveland has been advertising intensely.

    Also, if you can pay full tuition, it’s easy to get in anywhere. Do you get how the system works? You should ask the most well-connected person you know to pull a few strings.

    And if all else fails, you can date Popa!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    VM – you’ve got to be kidding. When 500 girls apply for 65 slots it isn’t narrow criteria and misjudgments that dictates the rejection.



    The Maharal and others explain that bechira only comes into play in a situation where Hashem is testing you to choose between good and bad. It is very likely that the decision to accept her had no bechira involved and it was a clinical decision based on their criteria for acceptance into their seminary.


    Syag, I assume that there is some correlation between the number of girls and the number of slots, and I also assume that people tend to apply to enough schools to give themselves a shot at getting into one. Otherwise, according to your math, only 13% of girls would go to seminary.

    Based on those assumptions, it would make sense to apply to six or seven seminaries, but at the very least three. If all of your ideal seminaries agree that you’re not for them, then maybe it’s time to find some new ideals.


    only 13% of girls … go to seminary

    Seems like popa and his brothers will be real busy.


    omg thanx so much for all the replies!

    yes, I only applied to israeli sems and I only want to go to them. Where is halichos located? I’ve never heard of it b4.

    mammele: I dunno… It sounds good theoretically but from what I’ve heard, it’s either go to sem and ya know, lyk popa said, become yeshivish, or not go to sem and turn modern.

    NSH and yiddishemeidle613: I kn that’s wat I should be thinking but it’s kinda hard when all anyone at school will talk abt is sem…

    torah613torah: lol! Me n popa:) hey popa I want ur resume asap!!! And are you a learning boy? Lol


    iluv: You should tell your principal that you really want to go to Israel. Lots of girls get accepted later and during the summer, but you need to speak up and tell the people around you that you really want to go so that they can help you get it.

    That’s the spirit!


    Question for NSH and Yiddishemeidel: If not getting in to places is from Hashem, what happened to the Bechirah Chofshis of those who make the admissions decisions?

    Didn’t you know? People in seminary don’t have bechira–kal v’chomer those who never LEFT seminary.

    Heavily moderated


    I am also not going to seminary next year, and I didn’t even get accepted to any. So don’t feel bad.


    Take an awesome summer trip to EY! You can get the whole experience, (friends, independence, kotel, froyo..) with none of the pressure!! Hatzlacha


    Halichos/Bnos Chana is located in the outskirts of RBS and while I am not telling you not to look into it, I would check it out very carefully before deciding. I personally know many people who went there and not everyone comes out having a positive experience, (like most seminaries.) What you have to be careful of, not every girl who goes there is aware of the negative impact it may have had, so proceed with caution, (but certainly look into it.) I am not trying to make them lose their parnassah, but as the saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed.”


    ayo popa. sounds like the girls will be dating u in DROVES. u get me homie.

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