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    Eric Adams lifted the vaccine requirement for pro athletes and performers, he said he isn’t considering rehiring the roughly 1,400 city workers who were fired earlier this year for not getting vaccinated.

    This is disgusting. I thought Adams would be an improvement over his anarchist predecessor. Different standards for the “elites”. I also think there’s a racial bias, and even a team bias (Adams is a Mets fan).

    What an embarrassment.


    There are many professional athletes and performers who are not covered by the mayor’s “heter” not to be vaccinated. The key factor is whether you are producing large amount of revenue for the city and/or the mayor.

    If team bias were a factor, the dispensation would have been only to teams based in Queens. If race were a factor, it would not have been extend to the NHL. An important factor is that the city employees being fired were guilty of independent thought, meaning they probably weren’t good Democrats (let’s be honest, thinking and being a Democrat is a bit of a contradiction), and of course, that the owner of the Mets is a big campaign contributor.


    I am not sure why this bothers you? They are just following the science. You don’t understand? That’s just too bad. Another example of elections having consequences.


    @forshayer I can’t tell if you’re serious or not. I sure hope you’re not.


    exactly. they are following the science. you guys are just a bunch of anti vaxxers


    how are they following science. you make no sense


    Well, the Mayor has just sat down for what’s right.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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