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    A. Buy mevushal wine.

    B. Regarding the fire: If you have a gas stove then you have a pilot light make sure that was lit by a Jew and you have no problem.


    cleaning ladies… cant live with em, can’t live without em!


    Just hire a yiddishe goyta.


    ” a yiddishe goyta. “

    That brings to mind one of the funniest quips (true or otherwise) that I heard a while back.

    A bocher was trying to explain to the shadchan what he was looking for in a spouse. As you can imagine, his checklist contained things that could not possibly co-exist in a human being.

    When he finally came up for air, the shadchan says, “so, what I’m hearing is, you’re looking for a shiksa, who’s machshiv toirah”

    Too funny!


    Sacrilege; the problem is, that most gas ranges today, have electronic ignition.

    mewho; a belated answer/elaboration about (the requirement that a Jewish person light) the fire; There is a Halacha that in order for a meal not to be considered “Bishul Akku”m”, a Jewish person must light the fire or throw a “kindle” (Not the one offered by Amazon, or the variety of cookie our mothers used to bake for Purim.) in the fire. i.e.; Initiating the cooking process. And the N.J. (No. Not New Jersey) live-in will not call on the homeowner, every time they want to make a meal or snack for themselves.


    sac – non mevushel is more mehudar for kiddush


    And there are poskim who hold that even mevushal can have the problem of stam yainam.


    Again, hire a yiddishe goyta. Avoid all problems.


    Freeze the wine.


    Wine touched by a non-frum Jew does not become Stam Yeinam. It is a Chumra proposed by a few Acharonim that never made mainstream Halacha at all. The smae Chumra says that a Ba’al Teshivah cannot Duchan if he was Mechalel Shabbos Befarhesya. If someone has the luxury to completely avoid ever interacting with a non-frum Jew the great. Otherwise it is a Chumra which was never accepted and would cause tremendous problems in Klal Yisroel if people tried to implement it.

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 60 total)
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