Nose bleed during kiddush on shabbos: use a cloth naplin or aleaf of lettuce?

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    So during kiddush I notice my nose is bleeding, I can grab a clth naplin but my blood would be tzovaya (dye) the napkin, I grabbed a leaf of lettuce because in tzevia bòchlin. But then was in an odd situation of holding a lettuce leaf on my nose (kovod ha`briyos and ba’al tashchis). What is the best choice?


    Did the leaf stop the bleeding? If it did, what’s the prob? No comparison – one to the other!


    Stop picking your nose.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Once the leaf has דם on it it becomes נפסל מאכילה altz מראית עין and בל תשקצו. So it’s anyhow not אוכל, so there’s no מעלה of אין צביעה באוכלין over using the אלונטית.


    “Stop picking your nose.” – a toothpick from the herring stabbed my nose.


    Related: If a drop of nose blood falls into a full shot glass of 12-year scotch (one oz), is it bottel in 60, or not?


    If you drink your vodka and say Lchaim, would you call it a bloody Miriam?


    Use a red napkin.
    Its just another reason to use red shabbos napkins at the shabbos table. Now if christmas falls on shabbos then ask your rabbi if its ok to use red on that shabbos.


    Using a red napkin would actually be a problem of tzovea


    What’s the diff. Between blood or any other time your hand gets dirty and need to use a napkin? Isn’t it דרכו בכך and therefore not such a prob. Of צובע

    (נט) בבגדיו וכו’ – ובבגד אדום כ”ש דאסור לקנחו דמתקן הוא [מ”א] ויש מקילין בכל זה כיון שהוא דרך לכלוך ויש לסמוך עליהם היכא דאי אפשר לו ליזהר בזה.

    Big A

    Its totaly ok to use a piece of lettuce but one must be sure that it was triple checked for bugs, because if the bugs are Jewish they cannot come in contact with your blood in fear that they may consume some of it. Also you who are Jewish and asking this question may inhale some bugs as you are stopping the bleed.

    Also the Avashzel holds that you can only use lettuce to stop the blood if its Romaine lettuce and if you use a kazayis similar to that of Maror required at the seder. The rabchan his talmud goes even further to say if you go with the Shita of the Avashzel you are required to add a teaspoon of ground horseradish as you apply the lettuce to your nose. The rabcha says on this that that is true but you also are required to use a tablespoon of Charoses and kids between 9 and pre-bar Mitzvah should also use some sugar. The Rabyozev holds very different than these opinions and says a hard piece of matzah is preferable to use than lettuce however if one is sensitive to the harsh nature of matzah he should resort to using any kind of lettuce or even spinach or broccoli.


    Use your friends red tie.


    Anyusername, the quote is a “yesh makilim” – implying that others are machmir not to use a cloth napkin, so if nose is bleeding at a kiddush on shabbos, I should use a lettuce leaf to hold my nose. It might look strange, but “al yayush mipnei ha’maligim” (do not despair from the mockers).


    It seems like he nose everything.


    We are maskim that at the kiddush on shabbos, it might be better to use a lettuce leaf to stop a nose bleed then a cloth napkin. What if there is a dollar bill in the tzedak pushka, can I grab it on shabbos and hold my bleeding nose with it?

    On one hand, it is paper – not cloth, but it is muktza and tzeddakh?

    (Assuming there is no lettuce , or it will make others disgusted if I hold a lettuce leaf to my bleeding nose).


    Assuming your allowed.
    what if you your walking down the st and find $100 and a piece of lettuce are you allowed to pick it up and bring it home so that you can have it just in case you get a nosebleed next week? Which one should you take?
    (Obviously taking into consideration the carrying problem)

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