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    Mori v’Rebbe R’ Bender said that one thing we must do now is try to be nosei b’ol chaveiro. He said it’s not the big things that do this, it’s the small things. He gave some examples – if your child (I believe he said 3rd grade and older) usually takes 3 snacks to school each day, tell them to take 2 snacks, because Israeli soldiers aren’t getting good snacks. One person told him that he usually sleeps with 2 pillows, but for now he will sleep with one, because soldiers are sleeping on the ground, and regular civilians may be sleeping in bomb shelters. Why should we be comfortable?
    So let’s take something on ourselves, besides all the extra davening and learning (which should obviously continue!) Try to feel the pain of what our brothers and sisters are going through, and let’s hope that Hashem’s ultimate brachah, for Shalom, is granted to us b’karov.


    think it’s all about our mindset. I once heard an explanation for why we say al chet for things that were done b’ones. If it was an ones, why do we need forgiveness? The answer was, that sometimes, we do a mitzvah because we have to, and don’t always appreciate it – and when given the chance to not have to keep it, we jump at it. For example, let’s say someone doesn’t enjoy having to eat in the sukkah. If it rains, he might be happy that now he can eat inside his house. That joy is what we need forgiveness for.
    So how do we keep our simchas Yom Tov now? I think we need the proper mindset regarding the mitzvah. Yes, we want to eat in the sukkah, and it should pain us to have to eat inside. But remember that our avodah is to follow the halachos – and in this case, the halachah says to eat inside. This is a halachah that we don’t always get to keep. So we should follow the halchah with joy! Not because we don’t want to eat in the sukkah, but because by eating inside, we are fulfilling Hashem’s will!


    DaMoshe, thank you for your post. It was inspiring and I will definitely take it to heart.


    A lot of preceding events were about not accepting other Yidden as brothers because you disagree with them. So, try the opposite. In my town, we had people from different shitos coming together for tehilim – those who usually say tefilos for Tzahal and those who do not.. I wonder whether any shuls that do not – took upon themselves to say such tefilos at least temporarily. Anyone?

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    Common saychel,

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    common, is there a reason you copied and pasted another of my posts as a response here?


    Always Ask,
    In the community I’m from this is standard procedure. At Tehillim Asifas the president of the Vaad Harabbonim always calls up Modern Orthodox, Yeshivish, Chasidish & Sephardic Rabbonim to lead the Tehillim. The crowd is also diverse from the entire spectrum of the community.
    One Rabbi said about an Asifa, he was so moved seeing “Bare headed” men there Davening with great Kavanah alongside Kipot Serugot, black hats & men in Chasidic garb.
    It’s sad it takes a crisis to understand what true Achdus looks like.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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