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    What are some characteristics of of guy or girl who is considered yeshivish/ modern at the same time? As well as is this considered a derogatory classification?

    Burnt Steak

    cant give characteristics.

    But it is defiantly not derogatory.


    They are probably in shidduchim.


    that is a website


    That is a good and true point.


    Depends who you ask. Yeshivishe people tend to look down on the modern part. Modern Jews tend to look down on the Yeshivishe Jews. Either way, the Yeshivish/Modern Jew isn’t an easy option.


    Likely someone who for certain things conducts himself in the “yeshivishe” manner and “modern” for others. What thigs are more/less essentially defining probably depends upon who is doing the assessing.


    I’m wondering if we are ever going to see the word “modern” stop being a slur

    …probably not.


    Considering that most of what is objectively modern is morally decrepit, that makes sense.


    And that furthermore, much of what people claim / have claimed in the name or basis of modernity is hashkafically &/or halachically deviant, which even more so causes the name to ring with (somewhat true) overtures of non-apikorsus heresy.


    Seems like a classic case of Goldilocks’ Disorder.


    TU731..- Not completely true. Modern can mean one is more in tune with technology. Maybe some look at it bad, but this world is here for us to use for the good. So long as we are doing so, then modern life isn’t against Halacha at all. Judiasm is amazing not just for it’s survival, but also for it’s diversity. Modern is not really a negative, just a different type.

    Just to be clear, I’m not saying all modern concepts are good at all. Only if one is truly living their life according to Torah and Rabbinic standards, then modern is just a description. Like working, black hat, BY, MO, etc. What is really needed is a book on every type of Jew. There are so many groups, and groups within groups, that there seems to be a different type of Judiasm for everyone Jewish.


    I have a cousin (who is in fact in shidduchim) whom I think of as “yeshivish modern”. Her family is modern– politically liberal and Zionist, and she went to a co-ed modern day school– but she has moved more to the right. She went to MMY and now is at Stern, and plans to go to med school after that. She is quiet, tzanua, enjoys learning Nach, and is humble despite being incredibly intelligent.


    Descriptions of personal hanhagos on shidduch questionnaires can get to the point of not describing anything. Can anyone tell me what “Chassidish but with it” means? (I’ve actually seen that self description on a shidduch questionnaire).

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