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    everyone in the world thinks smoking is bad for 2 reasions

    1)its not healthy


    why is it bummy?? i never understood this


    it’s not”bummy” but it is unhealty. if you don’t belive me ask your DR. And if you feel there is “nothing wrong with smoking” then why not let your pregnant wife puff away or better yet smoke a cig while giving your baby a bottle…if, as you say, there is nothing wrong with it


    People used to think there was something wrong with drinking also.

    These health fears come and go.


    Smokers forget that it is annoying to others and they don’t think it is their obligation to ask “permission” of others before smoking in their face. It is now the responsibility of others to ask the smoker to please not smoke in their face. That is a little “bummy” and egotistical.


    no nothing wrong with it at all….just people die from it…but that shouldn’t bother you??!!!! jk!


    It’s only “bummy” in yeshivos that don’t allow it, it’s not “bummy” in most yeshivos.


    everything wrong with smoking and beside the health issues you also end up smelling like a chimney and with the prices these days you also end up broke.


    Poppa bear

    A fetus can be damaged if the mother consumes alcohol


    cayav did you start a “oiber choochem” thread just to get under peoples skin and to get some sharp responses?


    Oh come on — REALLY???!!!!!!??? Not THIS thread again. If you really want to know, it looks bummy to smoke, because many guys (and worse, GIRLS) who smoke, start because they want to rebel. The people with whom they choose to rebel, are often smokers, drinkers, and OTD in many ways, and the smoking reinforces that image. I cannot for the life of me understand on what basis the rabbonim in Yeshivah allow boys to smoke in the Beis Midrash, especially when they are learning the same Torah that tells them to guard their health.


    This is popular mistake of the general public that has spread

    like wildfire. It is an obvious Ta’us Hadefus!

    Exchanging a daled for a beis.

    The word was “DUMMY.”


    The word was “DUMMY.”

    Yasher Koach, Bein hasedorim. LOL


    a story to show the change of the times

    i was talking to a person i know and he said tht when he was in 12 grade which was abt 50 yrs ago his rebbe was a chain smoker and smoked in class. he felt that it wasnt right for him to smoke in class and not let the talmidim so the guys were also allowed to smoke in shiur


    oomis1105; Np! I’m here to help clarify these things. 🙂


    a story to show the change of the times…people use to say the world was flat 😉


    I find the thread title disingenuous. Even if smoking is not considered “bummy,” that hardly means that there is “nothing wrong” with it.

    The Wolf


    Popa bar abba, you can’t just mevatel everything the doctors say ant take crazy risks with one’s health.


    Some guys might think it’s cool to smoke, but as others have said, it’s not bummy- it’s very unhealthy. And unpleasant for others who have to live with it.


    Its bummy just like a big chup, untucked shirt… why? cause thats what bums do!


    If I can assume that “bummy” (which is not an English word) is supposed to mean “exhibiting characteristics of bums,” I would have to assume that the reason smoking is considered bummy – an assumption that you have made – is because there is a higher percentage of bums that smoke than the percentage of smokers amongst the population at large.

    Perhaps when people refer to smokers as “bummy” they are speaking of the result of the smoking – the stench that rests on the smoker and his surroundings – and not the act of smoking.


    Please keep your language PG appropriate.

    Be Happy

    Be Honest: SMOKING KILLS. Anyone who smokes is a murderer.

    1. Dr Adler zt”L the famous doctor in London refused to treat patients who smoke. I heard him talk to a patient who had arrived from Eretz Yisroel who was a smoker. The doctor agreed to treat him and told him that Bezras Hashem he could help him. The doctor told him on condition he signs that he will no longer smoke – Patient refused and doctor would not treat him.

    2. In Gateshead about 35 years ago a great Magid Shuir passed away in his early sixties. Many hespedim spoke of what a great man he was. Dr. Chalk zt”l got up after the hespedim and said “Rubbish he was a murderer He smoked himself to death…..


    Be Happy: To start off, I am against smoking. It is irresponsible and a menace to normal people. (See my other posts related to smoking). I just find it hard to believe that anyone would say something negative bizman shehamais lefanav.



    The reason why smoking is not frowned upon as much as it should is that tons of yeshivish boys are doing it…..You should see them puffing away at seven eleven motzei shabbos….


    mikehall -Those are the high school kids. Where I live, the Bais Medrash guys get to smoke in the yeshiva building, just not in the Bais Medrash.


    You should see them puffing away at seven eleven motzei shabbos…. “

    Funny you should mention that. I live near a bagel place that is connected to a 7/11 by one wall. Every time I go to the bagel place it REEKS from stale cigarettes. I have never sen anyone smoking there. I chanced to go into the 7/11 to buy a paper, and immediately realized where the stench came from. Even if smoking did not kill (but it DOES), and even if it were not expensive (might as well light a match to your paycheck), it MAKES THE SMOKER STINK.

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