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    how can any frum yid vote for hillary when she goes against our torah values & supports abbortion?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Because we’re not voting for the values of the candidate, we’re voting for the candidate who will be the better president for us.


    I agree they are both crazy but at least trump is the better of the two.

    This country is going down either way. Worse then Obama’s presidency as bad as he is and damage he’s caused this country


    “And in an instant, so many of our brothers and sisters that count on food stamps, rent subsidies, EITC, medicaid, etc, will see their lifelines dry up”

    Not really. The president can’t just do whatever he wants. More likely scenario is that he will try to implement his crazy ideas, and then he will get shot down by congress.

    At least it will be entertaining


    M -“And in an instant, so many of our brothers and sisters that count on food stamps, rent subsidies, EITC, medicaid, etc, will see their lifelines dry up. This menuval and mishuga is dangerous for our us and our friends”

    Already food stamps are decreasing! Stop with your Liberalism!

    Do you know how much we are in debt? Social Security & Medicare are drying up!

    Stop believing the liberal lies!

    We need a President like Trump, who understands business!

    He’ll create more jobs – so they’ll be more taxpayers!

    Not some liberal, that will act like Robin Hood!

    What happens to all the Government money, when there is no or very few taxpayers?!?

    But keep dreaming in your little, liberal world!


    I say that Trump is a goy. Kennedy was also immoral and so was FDR. It’s her policies, or lack thereof, that is bad for the country. Trump’s policies are better for the country. She is against Isreal, is pro abortion, and unbridled immigration.


    Lots of friends and relatives survive through government welfare programs. Maybe you’re right that it’s better for the country to keep cutting down these programs, and push people away from government dependence, maybe. But while that happens, shaving money from Medicaid will mean that people you and I know will get worse medical care, cutting unemployment benefits, food stamps, rent subsidies, etc will mean that many of our friends will have even more trouble — if they could even imagine that — just staying afloat. Maybe good for the country, certainly not good for them. Trump can’t just cut these programs, but if he’s even half the business brain he suggests he is, then he’ll certainly fight hard to cut cut cut. And, for real, would you be surprised to hear him calling our friends pathetic failures and losers? I won’t.

    Ben Levi

    True many of our brothers and sisters are take part in the “social saftey net”.

    However there are two serious questions that need to be addressed in how that should affect our vote.

    1) Trump is personally a man of questionable morals, however he is making a point during his campaign of stating again and again that he will implement policies and make judicial selections that are more in line with our communities moral outlook then Hillary Clinton who is openly stating the opposite.

    In that case from Torah perspective our we allowed to vote for a canidate that is openly trying to create a moral enivoronment that is the antithesis to Torah values for personal financial gain or are we required to stand up for the moral code of the Torah and be willing to pay more then lip service to the concept of Bitochon?

    2) In regards to a pure economic outlook.

    Many of our brothers and sisters are part of the social saftey net due to a lack of choice.

    The cost of the basics for a frum family is astounding and is only going up.

    In New Jersey, where many of us live, the cost of property taxes is enourmous, and much of it is driven by liberal court rulings that can be negated by a federal decision to allow some form of school vouchers.

    The cost of private health insurance especially for families if prohibitve and it is going up, many families have no choice but to take government health insurance and rely on chesed orginaiztios when one really needs quality health care.

    If Republican policies would be implemented just in those two areas, the

    saving to individual families would reach the tens of thousands of dollars.

    As such one could find jobs that could actually allow self-sufficiencey, we could support ourselves without needing to be millionaires.

    However the Democrat policies in place in the Northeast have led to this situation where it is simply unfeasible for many people to try and work.

    THe Democrats have made work unaffordable.

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