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    bored_teen 💕

    Last week, NPR wrote an article about the decisions that need to be made when choosing which skin color for your emojis. They said that it makes people think about their identity and it can create (appropriation) issues if a white person uses darker emojis. Personally, I find this funny. Why does every little thing that we do have to revolve around race?


    NPR used to find every way to turn any story to race or some other minority issue, if they couldn’t blame Israel. Since COVID it’s gotten way worse. Some 95% of their stories are just these opinion pieces on race.

    Luna Lovegood

    Well, then, you’ll be glad to know that NPR is NOT funded by tax dollars, but by donations, corporate sponsors, and grants that they have to compete for.
    And the funding from federal grants (which, again, they have to compete with others for) only amount to about 2% of their overall revenue.

    hi luna!!


    Actually they got a lot in Stimulus money so you don’t know what you’re talking about, Luna

    Yabia Omer

    I usually like NPR but I must say that yes recently it’s all about race. I have noticed it. I think they should discuss it, but does it have to be every story??


    NPR and PBS should not receive a penny in government funds.

    NPR is a far-left opinion rag.

    Luna Lovegood

    @1: what “stimulus money” are you talking about?

    @whichever mod said “hi”: Hi!


    Luna > funding from federal grants … only amount to about 2%

    you surely heard (or read) this on NPR, so this is reliable!

    Note that 32% of their funding comes from fees from their “member stations”. Member stations are funded in part by government funds and CPB. CPB in turn is FULLY funded by federal government. Each of these organizations are also charities, that is donations is partially subsidized by government.

    So before adding all of this up, I feel justified to declare this fact check as “mostly untrue”.


    AAQ: Thank you for the fact check. You can’t really fully blame Luna. She isn’t the only one who buys lock, stock and barrel everything the media feeds her. It’s a very common affliction.


    Yabia Omer: They’ve always been obsessed with race, they should rename themselves NCR-National Communist Radio. To be fair they do have some interesting programs for example Science Friday.


    The their “mainstream” left-wing media complex, from (and especially) the New York Times (1619 Project, etc), Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc have ALL been obsessed with race. They ALL racialize EVERY issue and story that has nothing to do with race.


    National Propaganda Relay
    Never Promote Republicans
    Not Processing Reality
    Normalizing Political Regression

    I’m sure there’s plenty more. At least the communists in Russia were forced to pay 100% for their propaganda, only in America would we have folks dense enough to subsidize it.

    bored_teen 💕

    @LunaLovegood- Are you a fellow Harry Potter fan?! 👋
    I was mistaken. NPR isn’t totally funded by taxpayer dollars but they do get money from the federal government.


    ujm, Luna quoted what NPR says themselves in a very straight-forward written “non-partisan” article. It is hard to suspect it of outright lies. They are good at their business. The only thing that caused me to look was a dissonance between these “facts” and hysterical reaction to suggestions to get rid of such subsidies. Thank you, Luna, for making me look at it. I did not know how it worked.


    Another example of a well camouflaged false claim: there was popular theme in the 80s and 90s of accusing “rich getting richer”, and the simple jingle proof was “2% of highest earners earn XX% of GDP” or something like that. Heard it on NPR many time and it sounded convincing. What’s the catch?

    These 2% of “rich” people are not the same people each year … Someone sells a business, a farm, wins a lottery – he joins the “rich” for that year (and gets taxed accordingly). This is not to deny that are rich people, but the proof was a lie.


    Just because NPR wrote one article about emoji’s doesn’t make it racist or a joke.
    They have a million other articles.

    The article about emoji’s quoted a study by the University of Edinburgh, which is one of the top 50 universities. Are they also a joke because of one study?

    Emoji’s are a topic for discussion. Why is that “funny”?

    Put yourselves in a dark skinned person’s shoes for a second and understand that they see the world differently than you.

    Cancel culture was blasted by Republican’s for removing Trump from twitter. But when it comes to info that Republican’s don’t like , then it is fine. It never was about cancel culture or freedom of speech.


    jackk, thanks for defending the honor of emoji research. do you have an opinion whether NPR public funding is indeed 2% as claimed?



    No opinion. I don’t know enough about their sources of revenue.

    They collect enough donations to show that they have a lot of listeners willing to support them.


    Couldn’t care less about emoji research. If I don’t care, I don’t listen.

    Who reads everything written in the newspaper?

    bored_teen 💕

    “Are they also a joke because of one study?”
    I definitely think less of them, yes.

    “ Emoji’s are a topic for discussion. Why is that “funny”?”
    Why is it funny that grown adults are whining about emoji colors?! Hmm let me think…

    “Put yourselves in a dark skinned person’s shoes”
    I think it’s an insult to “brown skinned people” to suggest that they’re so fragile and immature that they can’t handle a white person using a dark emoji.

    “But when it comes to info that Republican’s don’t like , then it is fine.”
    I never said that should be canceled! They can keep printing stories like this for all I care. My point was that I don’t want to be funding it (they claim they’re barely funded by tax dollars so i don’t really care what they say.)


    NPR seems to be tone-deaf lately.

    They have an “ad” today promoting … an exhibition of Russian icons …. Supporting avoda zara and shfihat damim in one shot! If you their supporter, drop them a message or request a refund. Even mild canadiens are stopping drinking Russian vodka!



    Why do you think less of them because they had one report that doesn’t interest you?
    As I pointed out, every newspaper has sections for different people. News, Sports, Comics, Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles , Letters to the Editor, Opinions , Celebrities etc ….

    We do not discount what affects someone of a different race or religion until we walk ten miles in their moccasins.

    Would you say that if there was an emoji of jewish people with long noses and money bags and Hamodia would do an article on it that would be insulting to the Jewish people that we can’t handle it?

    If you don’t like NPR , don’t listen to them.

    bored_teen 💕

    Basically, there’s nothing wrong with dark emojis and it’s immature to be all bent out of shape because someone used an emoji that doesn’t match their skin tone. You must not have any real life issues if that’s what’s on your mind.

    bored_teen 💕

    “ Why do you think less of them because they had one report that doesn’t interest you?”
    It’s not because it doesn’t interest me, it’s because there are thousands of other things to research and that’s a waste of time.
    “ Would you say that if there was an emoji of jewish people…”
    There’s a huge difference between an emoji that’s has darker skin and an emoji that’s promoting anti semetic stereotypes.


    A number of posters have correctly stated that NPR gets approximately 10% of its funding directly or indirectly from federal government sources, for the most recent year for which financial statements are available. And NPR is not a joke. Its reporting is generally accurate.

    I would be curious to know the extent to which other news media get revenue from federal advertising or other sources of federal revenue.


    huju, how did you come to 10%? is it in some IRS docs that they post? We discussed here that claimed 2% is incorrect, but I was not able to get to full estimate.

    > Its reporting is generally accurate.

    well, we just found out that they lie about their own funding – which is something they could fact check. Are you saying – they only lie about their own benefit, but can be reliable otherwise?

    Do CNN or Fox have local stations that get federal funding? Advertisement should be different. Hope it is treated non-partisan, although it could be that some agencies funnel money to preferred media. For example, if someone wants to advertise to minorities that they should apply to Yale, they would naturally go to Black stations that are liberal. Might have happened to covid funding also.


    To AAQ: I googled “NPR revenue.” There were several sources. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a federal agency, is one source, state and local governments are another source. One source, Columbia Journalism Review (I believe an affiliate of Columbia University) report all government sources at about 15%, but that is the highest one I saw.


    huju, thanks, I don’t think this is a full estimate. See my discussion above. I looked CJR 2008 review – for CPB, it also has 14% universities, 10% foundations, and 21% business. Another chart for NPR is is similar – 40% is programming fees coming from local stations that are also subsidized. Each of these groups have a lot of public funds involved.

    Here is what is purely private for NPR: 1% membership dues, and maybe 20% sponsorship although this can also be in part from public sources.

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