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    Nu, so let me explain nuclear fusion to you, mamash a fascinating inyan. You know, it’s when the atomisher particles, the hydrogen kind, they get shmushed together, like in a chavrusa. But this chavrusa is so shtark, so intense, it’s mamash like a shidduch made in shomayim.

    So, you have these protons, right? They’re b’etzem like bochurim in a beis medrash. They don’t want to shtell zich with each other, because they all have this positive hashpoah. But, if you give them a shtikel pressure and heat, like the gevurah of a rebbi’s mussar shmooze, they’ll finally be mekabel and come together. When this hischadshus happens, these protons, they become a heavier element, like helium, and then you get a gantz mechayeh of energy released. This is called nuclear fusion, and it’s what makes the sun and the stars kvetch so much koach.

    Nuclear fusion is also mechazek our hopes for a sustainable energy source, but it’s not easy. To get the protons to be mekabel each other, it takes such tremendous heat and pressure, like mamash a churban. Baruch Hashem, we have Yisboroch
    Shmo to help us Yidden figure it out, one day at a time.

    (This post, combining two of my hats, is dedicated to Dofi. The second dedication is to PBA, on this Motzei Shabbos.)



    So this is your dissertation? Are you pursuing a degree with Cracker Jack U?

    It does make a very strong argument in favor of formal High School secular education for boys.


    I hope and pray that practical nuclear fusion will be perfected in the lifetimes of my children. It would put the Arabs and their oil out of business for good.

    Amil Zola

    Umm, am I missing something? Did someone actually ask Jos about nuclear fusion? I thought he was busy solving the shidduch crisis, or was it secular education for frum schools?


    It’s from a publicized AI response, and Joseph decided to share it with us.

    Reb Eliezer

    The first Daroshas Haran explains the forming of a tzibur which is similar to the forming of water, oxygen and hydrogen. Oxygen is missing 2 electrons from 8 in its outer shell which is made up by two hydrogens. Similarly we say בורא נפשות רבות וחסרונן, we fulfil what is missing by one through someone else.


    Nuclear energy is the cleanest one, sadly there is a lot of propaganda about it, it was only aimed to disarm some nations


    Nuclear fusion is like when two hydrogen atoms come together and merge into a single helium atom. It’s a process that is so powerful, it’s compared to the strength of Dovi Hamelechs mighty warriors, who were able to achieve great things through their bravery and unity (2 Samuel 23:8-12).

    In order for nuclear fusion to happen, the hydrogen atoms need to be under a lot of pressure and heat, like the pressure of the Torah and the heat of the fiery furnace that Avraham Avinu was thrown into. This pressure and heat cause the atoms to combine, releasing a tremendous amount of energy, just like the tremendous blessings that Avraham Avinu received from Hashem after he emerged unscathed from the furnace (Genesis 15:1-6).

    The concept of nuclear fusion is also related to Reb Chaim Brisker’s idea of “havdalah b’mamash”, which refers to a clear and distinct separation between two entities. In the case of nuclear fusion, the two hydrogen atoms are separate, but through intense pressure and heat, they become united as one. This process can be compared to the unity that we strive for as Jews, as we seek to come together as a single, united nation.

    Overall, nuclear fusion is an amazing phenomenon that shows the incredible power of Hashem’s creations and the potential for us to harness that power for the betterment of humanity.

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