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    What is the significance in Judaism of the number 23?

    I’ll start…

    23 – the age at which a single girl becomes an older single


    basket of radishes

    23 psalm of course.

    23 is the defunct number of lebron james who most of the righteous can not stand any more. right?


    am yisrael chai

    -Perek 23 of Tehilim is said by Shalosh Seudos

    -23 Tishray is Simchas Torah in chutz la’aretz

    -Mesechtos Makos has 23 dapim (excluding daf alef!)

    -On the 23rd day of Sivan the second letters were sent out by Mordechai and Esther in the name of Achashveirosh

    -Yirmiyahu reprimands B”Y that he has been warning them for 23 years about improving their behavior (Yirmiyahu 25:3)

    -On the 23rd day of the 7th month, Shlomo sent B”Y back home, happy for the good fortune that Hashem showed him, David, & all B”Y (Divrei Hayamim bais 7:10)

    -Tola ben Puah judged for 23 years (Shoftim 10:2)

    -During King Yehosh’s 23rd year of reign,he had Yehoyada fix the problem of bedek haBayis (Melachim bais, 12:7)

    -Yehoachaz was 23 when he ruled J-m (Melachim bais 23:31)

    -gm’ of ???, we daven to Hashem for forgiveness as a Father

    -gm’ of ??? ??, Hashem is our Father


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    The average number of unmoderated posts still up when YW-42’s posts appear in the CR. ?


    minyan gal

    23 is the house number that I lived in for 40 years. All the Yomtovim were celebrated there and Shabbat candles burned brightly every Friday night at #23.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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