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    for various reasons i need to stop nursing. My 10 month old refuses the bottle- forget about d formula in there- he has no clue what he supposed to do with it!!! Was anyone in such a situation that they can give me some advice ???


    Feed him regular healthy foods and give him to drink in a cup.

    Try a sippy cup so he can drink by himself.

    Did you try all different types of bottles and nipples? I had this with one of my babies and I tried every bottle under the sun until he finally drank from one!(Avent)

    Hatzlacha. Having been there, I feel for you.


    there’s a frum blog called imamother where you are sure to find a few threads on this topic


    let your husband try the bottle while you are out of sight, it worked for us (after trying many times).

    Keep in mind that while this situation is very frosterating, (its very hard for parents to listen to their baby crying for food) if you are consistent everything will be”h settle in a few days.


    Our three month old fusses too. We have patience, and slowly she takes.


    Deiyez- please use spellcheck!


    thanks smartcookie i am trying now d nuk bottle cause my dr had told me that its the most similar to our shape. During d day i give oatmeal and some jars but at night i have a screaming show. Is it true that if u fill them up during d day they sleep thru d night?? If yes what else can i give him?? Because he never ate solids he stillgags on reg food


    I can totally sympathize. Went through weaning with mine and its physically and even more emotionally exhausting. While nursing (till over 1) my first everyone said give botlle here and there and never listened. Dr said wean cold turkey and I stupidly listened. Took almost 2 months before baby drank anything at all (he finally took a nuks). I vowed never to nurse without bottles here and there again. Next couple of kids bli ayin hara, nursed and went against my own advice (again never gave a bottle) but discovered when I was forced to wean that bottles and sippies don’t work but straws do! One thing to remember, they won’t take it overnight and they won’t start drinking 24 or even 16 (or even 6) ounces a day. Go slow and pretend it doesn’t matter to you hpw much they drink. Yes diapers will be drier or even completely dry for a couple of days but b”h baby will be ok. And I never noticed that filling kids up during the days helps them sleep better. I find it only makes them wake up for nursing/drink more at night. Also ask dr if you could stop formula and offer skim milk. True a baby needs whole but skim more closely resembles thin mothers milk and once you get them started on that you can start doin 7 ounce skim to one whole and daily increase whole by an ounce until baby takes it. Lots of luck and stay calm. I’ve been there


    Ohyeah- putting them to sleep on a full stomach does NOT mean they’ll sleep through.

    Some babies do, some babies don’t. No rule.

    I have an idea! Try a cup with a regular straw! My baby loves to drink like that.


    How about a sippy cup instead of a bottle? And at 10 months, he might be able to go to regular milk instead of formula (with your doctor’s okay). Do you have to wean very quickly or do you have time to do it gradually? I always found that cutting out one feeding every week or two worked the best with my kids. The ones right before nap time and bed time are the last ones I cut out, but little by little, those get eliminated too. I don’t start giving bottles until I’ve completely stopped nursing, and then it’s only 1-2 bottles a day. By the time my babies stop nursing, they’re old enough for regular milk so we go straight to that.


    vicpr, I had a lot of teh same experieces as you. I just started giving my baby bottles. It took about 3 days for him to take to it. In the beginning he drank about 2 ounces at a bottle feeding. We were really worried. Now, about 2 weeks later he is drinking 6-8 ounces at a feeding. Trick is – BE PATIENT.

    I am alos trying solids, but he doesnt really know what to do with it. But I did give cheerio and some veggies from the soup.

    m in Israel

    As mentioned by other posters, whey bother starting with a bottle? Just give him a cup (sippy, regular with straw — I like the sippy type with the straw that pops out of the top) and work on increasing his solid foods. The AAP recommends not using a bottle past 1 anyway due to teeth related issues. At 10 months, he is old enough to begin most solids. Besides oatmeal and jars, why don’t you start finger foods? Cheerios, of course, and very small soft pieces of fruits or veggies (cut up and cooked carrots and sweet potatoes, small pieces of bananas, etc.) Or dairy products like yogurt and cottage cheese (sliced cheese is still considered a choking hazard). Introduce foods one at a time to check for allergies. If after a week or two your baby is still gagging on regular food, you should consider speaking to a speech therapist who specializes in feeding, as it may be indicative of oral motor issues or sensory issues in the mouth.

    Unfortunately, I also never found that eating more by day or putting them to sleep with a full stomach helped my kids to sleep through the night. A lot of it is the personality of the baby. If your issue is getting the baby to sleep, that is not really a bottle vs. nursing issue, that is a separate question. (Although it may be coming up now if you always used to nurse baby to sleep. If that’s the case, the baby will need to transition to a new method of going to sleep in any case now that you’re not nursing, why make it a bottle?) Ferberizing works well if that fits your parenting philosophy/ comfort level.

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