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    How can anyone believe this narishkeit?

    The notzrim have been pushing this nonsense for many years, and it’s sad to see fellow yidden believing it 100 percent.

    Either you believe HaShem runs the world, or (C”V) the guy on talk radio does!!!


    A few guys on talk radio think they run the world. Other talk radio guys think they have a direct line to Hashem, or His/Her son.


    Presumably, the OP is referring to conspiracy theories, which I have not read, so I can’t comment on those theories.

    My question is, though, whatever those theories may claim, what does that have anything to do with Hashem running the world?

    In other words, what the gentiles do or don’t intend to do is one discussion. LiHavdil, that Hashem runs the world and allows only what He sees fit to allow, is a separate matter.


    I’ve seen and heard these conspiracy theories. I don’t say I believe them 100%, but can anyone believe the year we just had (2020)?! Has this not been the most tumultuous, upside-down, crazy year we have ever lived through? Are nanochips SO outrageous for you to believe? Have you been sleeping through this year? Does anything make sense anymore? Do you really believe that masks or Covid testing work? Do you trust politicians, doctors, scientists? Does it make sense to close businesses, schools, arenas because of the ridiculous ‘crisis’ that were going through? And through all of this Hashem runs the world….

    Hi! Good to see you!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Are nanochips SO outrageous for you to believe?


    Do you really believe that masks or Covid testing work?

    Yes, yes, although not 100%

    Does it make sense to close businesses, schools, arenas because of the ridiculous ‘crisis’ that were going through?

    Not schools, yes arenas. I wouldn’t put “crisis” in scarequotes or refer to it as ridiculous.

    Have you been sleeping through this year?



    If you get vaccinated, it will include a “free” microchip implanted in your upper arm below the shoulder so that you can be more readily tracked by the deep state. If you need additional “news” to further elevate your anxiety level, watch the president’s 45 minute rambling (and at time incoherent) rant video released by this AM by the WH which incorporates bits of his all-time favorite conspiracy theories from the past 4 years (e.g. the Dominion vote counting switcheroo was coordinated from an underground bunker in Area 52 (no. 51 was already booked for a socially distanced chassanah). Perhaps he should hunker down, chill out and focus on pardons for his mishpacha and Crazy Rudy.


    The opposition to the idea of evil people ruling the world is not exclusive to the Notzrim. The push for religious Jews to become secular is ages old. The push for ethnic equality is [also] ages old. The anti-chip and anti-vaccine ideaologies have to do with how some peopel interpret sceicne and less to do with the Notztrim.


    Has it occurred to anyone here, including the OP, that people can agree with talk-radio on some aspects, but not on other aspects, such as vaccines? I am adamantly anti-vaxx, yet also adamantly believe in what so many of you call “conspiracy”. Many of you have bought into the Goebbel’s style of MSM propaganda, at the top of which are the terms “conspiracy/conspiratist”. Goebbel’s knew that if you repeat something often enough, people become programmed to believe it, even against their better judgment. Thus the term “conspiracy” which so many of you have swallowed hook, line & sinker.

    After all, it has the connotation of “neb” or “wimp” doesn’t it? Hashem yeracheim, on anyone with the misfortune to be labelled conspiratist. Well, believe me, the public should be way less nervous of being labelled, than of becoming an actual physical puppet-slave of the propagandists. There are enough such slaves in China. The Chinese are the REAL neb’s, NOT those who are labelled “conspiratists”.

    In fact, it’s because Avrohom Avinu’s mother decided to give birth to him in a cave, far from the corrupt Nimrod – it’s that – which enabled him to think for himself, against the tide of the times, and thus have a positive influence later on.

    What confuses me about all this, though, is why both Trump and talk-radio hosts can simultaneously [purport to] be pro-vaccine, yet also imply their belief in a cabal/deep-state (…and/or whichever of the umpteen names its called)?

    Because if they believe the latter, then shouldn’t they also believe that the deep-state, be it within Pfizer, Moderna, or whatever, are tweaking the vaccine toward their agenda?

    P.S. I’m also adamantly at odds with BOTH the liberals’ AND conservatives’ ideas of healthcare utopia, having walked a disillusioning gauntlet of allopathic and alternative practitioners of all stripes. There is a much better way than either of their agenda’s, both in the health arena, and in the energy arena. So as far as i’m concerned, it’s not just Fake Media but also
    Fake Medical, and also fake energy.

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