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    Mondaire Jones, a Democratic-Socialist, won the Democratic primary for NY17th congressional seat, which is composed of Rockland and North Westchester. The area is almost completely made up of moderate Democratic suburban whites including many secular Jews (New City etc.) and frum Jews (Monsey New Square Mt Kisco). Are the vast majority of the district – moderate Democrats, Republicans and frum yidden – planning to make the general competitive? Because it seems like the local Republican Party is only capable of anti-Orthodox agitation and isn’t up to making coalitions to defeat Mondaire Jones. And it seems like the political askanim in Monsey will never agree to join forces with a local Republican. Also, it seems like Schulman the Republican candidate sounds like she’s running as a joke and isn’t making any serious attempt to defeat Jones.

    The Frumguy

    Who here thought that this was about a highway up in Sullivan County?


    SB: Do you live in New York State?


    I live out in the Midwest, and when I saw the topic, and thought about the current date in the end of June, I completely agree with TFG, that was my original thought.

    Someone in Monsey

    With a Representative like that, it’s enough to make someone leave New York.


    Ooops, maybe the mods can change it.

    YW Moderator-25

    Change what? To what?


    Add the words “congressional district” to the title.


    Lower tuition: i live in this district, why do you ask?


    thread name from NY-17 to NY 17th Congressional district


    Change NY 17 to I 86 I guess, that’s what its call west of Binghamton, newsflash for all Brooklynite the world does not end in Liberty NY

    ☕️coffee addict


    I live in N.Y. and I thought it was about a highway

    That’s a tough spot to be in

    It’s like who do you vote for, hitler or Stalin yemach shemam


    I’m with Frumguy.


    SB: If you were not a resident I might have made a comment. Since you are a resident of the district then you can do something besides complaining in a forum where most people are not members of the district and cant do anything to help you.


    Lower tuition:

    “Since you are a resident of the district then you can do something ”

    Halevai. Political askanus in this district is extremely centralized and there’s really nothing a regular person can do.

    “besides complaining in a forum where most people are not members of the district and cant do anything to help you.”

    I wasn’t complaining. More like seeking information about a topic which askonim in this district like to keep under wraps.


    @schitzel, you are wrong, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved on a local level be it on a village level or next level, Chestnut Ridge, Airmont, SV, New Hempstead, Wesley Hills, Pomona, all have Frum people on the village, zoning and planning boards, I use to be on the executive committee of the local GOP before it was hijacked by the Preserve people and I quit in disgust.
    PS Eisenbach ran without “askumim” blessing and he won, Bentzy Wieder ran the first time without backing and won, if you have support from your neighbors you can win.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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