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    NYC DEP water use is double this month (October) for 3 family house with exact same amount of occupants as usual. Plumber came and checked all faucets and toilets and says I have no leaks and it possibly came from work done in the street. DEP says thats impossible, their meters are 100% accurate, whatever meter reads, and water use I see online is 100% accurate. DEP says we must have used double the amount of water.

    Ive never had this much monthly water use in years and October isnt even over yet.

    How do I find out whats causing it? Plumber cant find anything.


    Keep an eye on your next bill. See if it reverts to your traditional usage or again shows an over-usage.

    Also, get a second opinion from another plumber. A second set of eyes may find something the first missed.

    yaakov doe

    Did they install one of those new meters recently? They supposedly report more usage than the old ones.


    Ive only had one kind of meter ever.

    Whats puzzling is that

    1- The DEP told me that the meters are 100% accurate. The use recorded by the meters is never anything but water use IN the house. If a meter breaks, it would stop working altogether. If the meter works, its accurately calculating the house’s use.

    2- A plumber told me thats not true. Construction/Reapairs involving the sewer, done outside the house, can raise the water use calculated by the meter, even if it has nothing to do with use in the house.

    Someone is wrong!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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