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    I had the opportunity to walk the NYC Marathon!! (Health issues keep me from running) NYC was amazing… so many people even at the late time I got thru….

    Brooklyn was the best!! Walking thru Williamsburg was a little sad for me. I greeted every Jew with a Shavua Tov and a Happy Rosh Chodesh and very few replied. A nice man did offer to get me ice creme and some of the little girls did reply. Many moms smiled at me which was nice. If any of you are reading this.. thank you for that!!! To the people who chose not to reply– your loss!!


    In Williamsburg, they’re incredible insular and fearful and distrustful of outsiders. I’ve been in the area in the past (I worked on campaigns in W’burg and Greenpoint) and I’ve gotten stares, jeers, and insults and taunts when going into Gottlieb’s or kosher markets there for a meal because I don’t wear a platchige biberhat.


    You don’t wear a…what??


    Platchige biberhat- Yiddish for a flat/pancake-style hat made of beaver fur, generally work by Satmar men ubiquitous in Hasidic Williamsburg.



    I think that the stares insults and jeers came from something else. There’s more to the story that you aren’t telling us.

    Shticky Guy

    It’s not fair to label all williamsburgers in such a poor light. Be ?? ??? ????.

    Perhaps the reason why nobody greeted you was that they were all depressed cause due to NYC marathon security concerns, NYPD advised all Williamsburg residents that they were not allowed to use their crockpots over Shabbos


    Shticky Guy– thats funny!!! I did not see any extra security which was what they wanted.. Lots of police… I was told there were snipers on the roofs… did not see them… And I did say some were nice..

    Another runner told me a funny story. A man went across the street to get a coffee and could not get back to his store..too many runners – he finally ran between the runners….

    I just wanted a Shavua Tov back!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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