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    My observations:

    Sal Albanese: a good guy, principled, progressive, amenable to the kahal, but has no chance of winning the primary.

    Erick Salgado: Also has a lot of frum support, a man of G-d, moral, and honorable, but again, no chance of winning.

    Christine Quinn: Another Bloomberg, beholden to corporate interests, who continually slows down and compromises all pro-working families legislation, such as holding up a vote on sick leave. She joins the Republicans in pledging to reappoint Ray Kelly as police commissioner, despite his stop-and-frisk policy. She has strong real estate developer financing.

    John Liu: As corrupt as they come, with many Red Chinese connections.

    Anthony Weiner: No character whatsoever, unfit to serve, and his Saudi wife, Huma Abedin, is linked heavily to the Muslim Brotherhood and had a heavy hand in Arab Spring.

    Bill Thompson: Ironically has the support of Senator Al D’Amato (Republican)and Merryl Tisch (a prominent Republican Jewish family of renown, who donate to RJC, James Tisch sits on the board of Mesorah and supports Joe Lhota, and she sits on the Board of Regents and used to teach at Ramaz, etc.) His positions demand more analysis, but fears abound that he’d be another Dinkins.

    Bill deBlasio: His record as Public Advocate speaks for itself. Very progressive, as evident in his criticism of the Citizens United case and other corporatist policies. He’s also cracked down on slumlords and derelict landlords, which is of importance to me as the child of renters. Tenants need advocates, and I think affordable housing is our top challenge. Rent control needs to be reinstated, and I’d hope a progressive candidate would be willing to crack down on landlords.

    On the GOP side:

    Joe Lhota, R-C-L: An actual conservative Republican (has the endorsement of the Conservative and Libertarian parties: gotta love fusion ballots in NYC). While he may be halakhically a Jew, his record at the MTA shows he is incompetent and fails to understand the plight of everyday New Yorkers. He’s done nothing there to stop fare increases, but instead gave pay raises to upper management at the MTA. Horrific.

    John Catsimatidis, R-L: A Liberal Republican, in the mold of LaGuardia, Giuliani, Roy M. Goodman, and the generation of liberal Manhattan Republicans that held office in the UES community for many years. A billionaire, he has sometimes expressed views that appear irrational, but his policies may be of interest to more independent-minded voters, due to his own support of politicians from both sides of the aisle.


    So who do you endorse rebdoniel?


    My position: Anybody but Weiner.


    The rest of America can care less who runs that cesspool



    crisisoftheweek: Aren’t you charming.

    I’ll probably end up voting for Bill Thompson. Don’t think the Republicans have a chance.


    Joe Lhota in the primary and then whoever the Republican candidate is in the general election.


    I’m not a NYC resident anymore but if i could i would cast my vote for Carlos Danger. That way we could get a headline like Mayor Danger is concerned about the rise in crime.


    I’m truly undecided. I see nobody I really care for.

    I’d say anybody but Quinn. She’s caused the working people of this city more trouble than almost anyone else.

    I’d vote for whomever wants to tackle the issue of rent control. Could be deBlasio, but the problem is that Public Advocates are usually perceived as too cerebral or radically left wing by the masses and fail in general elections. Mark Green, for instance, went down like a lead balloon in elections past.


    If I lived in New York, I would probably vote for Christine Quinn.


    jewishfem02, you must be kidding!?

    I hope you’re kidding.

    NYC Mayoral Race, rebd?

    The dissertation was nice and well-written. But I’d sum it up in one word-





    Feh describes the field of candidates pretty well.

    Christine Quinn is an awful candidate.

    Burnt Steak

    My top 3 are

    1:Bill deBlasio 2:John Catsimatidis 3:Christine Quinn

    But since I don’t live in NY not able to vote. I would not mind if Bill Thompson wins. Overall I don’t care so much about this election but it affects (or effects, grammar confuses me) a lot of Jews so I pay attention.

    rebdoniel props to you for making this list.


    Feh describes the field of candidates pretty well.

    Christine Quinn is an awful candidate. NYC has major problems with the middle class and she has done nothing but make our plight worse. No social justice on her part; she uses her office to advance Bloomberg’s agenda with a veneer of toeva activism.


    I’d vote for Bill DeBlasio too. There’s no point voting for someone who has no chance to win (read: Republican without major financial backing).


    I do like deBlasio a lot. He also has a real agenda for dealing with homelessness. Treating the homeless like criminals is another failed Quinn/Bloomberg agenda that must stop.


    We’re doomed. And if Weiner has ANY brains left at this point, he will drop out, because he is only embarrassing himself more and more every day.


    I don’t want Weiner in office, not davka because of his misconduct, but because the way he has handled the whole situation just proves that he is too stupid to be trusted to hold public office.


    Burnt steak- the proper word is affect, affect is usually a verb, and effect is usually a noun


    oomis his kind doesnt get embarrassed thats the problem.


    Weiner also sponsored little legislation while in Congress. He wasn’t very memorable, other than the fact that he made a lot of noise.


    I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing that Weiner didn’t sponsor a ton of legislation. I have actually read articles lambasting Congress for being “unproductive” in years that had fewer legislation enacted. In my opinion, a “productive” Congress is one that enacts sound legislation, not one that just produces new laws for the purpose of producing new laws.

    But yes, Weiner did like to make noise.


    Who cares? politics is a dirty game that’s all about money and staying in power. No one really cares about the poor, they just make speeches pretending to so they can get cash and more votes.

    All the people here saying they’re sure candidate x will do this or that- why are you so sure? A candidate’s record merely details what they did voted for to stay in power!


    The people and politicians of New York City are doing a great hesed for the rest of the country by providing political race, and candidates, that are so entertaining. Really, if Hollywood dreamed up, even for soap opera, people like Weiner and Spitzer, the show would flop for being too unbelievable. This is even better than Baltimore having a mayor whose defense when charged with theft was to say that she thought it was actually a bribe. Frankly, people like Obama, and Romney and Bush, and Hillary, and Rand – are dull — all they want to talk about politics (now Bill Clinton, there was an amusing politician to follow).

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