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    The New York State Department of Education has issued standards that they want all schools to meet, such as 3.5 hours of secular education per day 5 days a week, which many yeshivas can’t meet. The reason the state is acting is because a few yeshivas don’t teach secular studies.
    This will eventually be fought in the courts but I think it should be first fought in the court of public opinion, by publicizing the facts on Public Media such as talk shows that:
    A) It’s an attempt by Democrats to DUMB DOWN the students as parochial school students always score higher on standard statewide test.
    B) It give the public school district the power to audit the parochial schools to determine if they meet the standards. Each student added to a district increase their budget by $25,000, decertify a parochial school will increase their budget by millions of dollars.

    Also for example, since Satmar controls the public school district in Kiryat Joel do you think that they will decertify their yeshivas?

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