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    All Obama cares about is getting reelected. He flew over the wreckage and suspended his campaign because if he did otherwise it would look like he does not care – but in reality it is meaningless to him.

    Now he is back to campaigning with empty slogans.

    How is it that Jews vote for this anti Israel pro gay rights pro abortion alien from Kenya who spent years listening to the anti American Jeremiah Write? Did you ever see the clip on YouTube of his wife cursing the flag? Its real!

    Because he gives out more money for food stamps and free insurance for the lazy bums who don’t work?

    How can a Jew lower himself to vote for this empty shell?



    Because if you need govt programs then that is your priority. Parnassa usually comes first by most people.


    About his being pro abortion, for me it falls into the same category as the government being involved with MBP. If halacha would allow someone to get an abortion I wouldn’t want a federal law to refuse them that right.


    Is Romney abolishing govt programs? Why are pple voting Obama bec of food stamps?


    What exactly are you critisizing about how he dealt with the hurricane? He did what he should have done. That’s all. No hero, no villain.

    on the ball

    Quick point about the title of this thread:

    If he could care less, then you’re saying he does care and it could mean he actually cares a lot.

    Maybe you mean he COULDN’T care less.



    What has Obama exactly done? This hurricane is a mess and nothing is being done about it. Look at whats doing in all the hard hit places in NY and NJ. Obama is a failure as well as Bloomberg.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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