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    This is my first time voting. I’m actually seriously considering Mickey Mouse. 😛


    Yungerman: Why would snyone vote for ROn Paul? Because if you are looking for a communist government , then vote for Obama , the Kenyan Citizen, ( which has been proven over again and again) His biographies on the things he wrote in college all say , born in Kenya, his wife said it too, 2 times during the presidential campaign,)

    Mitt ROmney will also be a puppet, and Ron Paul had a great chance of winning unti BEn Benake had a talk with him. He was definately threatened and now he has no chance of winning.

    We dont live in a free country, the elections are rigged, they do whatever they want , and you , like a bunch of sheeple , will just listen. Its amazing how the outside world sees whats coming so clearly ,and the jewish people still think they live in a medinah shel chesed. Wake up folks before its too late.

    If you dont believe me check out you tube on Michelle Obama saying that he is born in kenya.


    Like a couple of people who’ve posted so far, I’m liberal on most domestic policy issues. I can’t vote for Obama in this election, though, because of Israel. Every time Jews want to build a new house in East Jerusalem, Obama condemns it! Ridiculously biased. As if it’s OK to tell Jews they can’t live in certain neighborhoods! Romney probably wouldn’t be much better — I think Bush was also pretty bad on Israel, even if seemed a little more sympathetic. Santorum was pretty good on Israel, though. I can’t stand Republican domestic policy, so I’m not going to vote at all. Hopefully one day the U.S. will stop telling Israel what to do.


    @chance, I don’t understand you. First of all, I absolutely do not believe it is true – Obama was born in Hawaii.

    However, even if it WOULD be true, why would that be a problem? I would think that you, being the child (or grandchild) of immigrants yourself, shouldn’t object to that? Would you say your parents – born maybe in Germany, Poland, Lithuania or wherever – are unfit to be president solely because they weren’t born in the US?

    I think the requirement for the president to be a U.S.-born citizen is fundamentally wrong, since the US is a nation of immigrants (except for Native Americans – and they are immigrants as well, but longer ago). Why should first-generation immigrants be discriminated against?

    In a long-standing country with a truly ethnic population such as Russia, Spain, Italy or India, one could understand such a law. But in a country built by immigrants not so long ago, I fail to see why it is relevant where a prospective president was born.

    Do you really think Obama’s loyalty is to Kenya?

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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