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    baruch dayan haemes


    even though obama won hakadosh baruchhu is still running the world


    I want to cry….

    but since he is the president elect, I want to see some of his promises come true…

    ie- I want him to pay for my mortgage, my gas for my car, lower taxes (i think I am in 95% of the population, I am not bill gates)…

    Oh, does this mean he pays higher taxes because he gets such a large income?


    Only negative promises made by politicians come true. Nothing is ever as good as they promise, so unless you’re expecting bad you won’t see it fulfilled.


    I think though, squeak, nothing good will happen but only bad will happen.

    Refuah Shelaima to America!

    I. M. Shluffin

    Trip down memory lane – this was 5 years ago, and our attitudes haven’t changed! Just goes to show that we were right to begin with.


    I got very excited when I saw in the news that Boehner and some other Republicans are planning on suing Obama. I smell impeachment.


    “Just goes to show that we were right to begin with.”

    I voted for Obama and the events of the past few months have made it very clear that the US dodged a bullet when it rejected McCain. We would be at war in at least four, possibly six countries, and as a result the economy would be in a shambles, and civil unrest would have been highly likely.


    Charlie, I’m curious as to what 4 to 6 Countries do you think McCain would have had us at war with. Historically, it’s been Democrats that have gotten us into wars, going all the way back to James K. Polk who went to war with Mexico. Republican Abraham Lincoln did go to war against the South but I assume you would have supported that war. Democrat Wilson, an excellent example of why we should never elect academics, got us into WWI, Roosevelt into WWII, Truman into Korea and your buddy Kennedy, whom I have to thank for the hole in my lung, into Vietnam.

    I have previously remarked on the inexperience and ineptitude of President Obama and his administration of amateurs and ideologues. The current mess in Iraq is solely his doing. In 2011 Obama proclaimed that he was drawing down troops in a stable and democratically growing Iraq. The current crisis is directly attributable to Obama’s inept attempt to negotiate a remaining forces agreement with Iraq. His requirement that the Iraqi Parliament ratify any agreement guarantied it’s failure. If he had left sufficient forces, about 20,000, as his generals recommended, the current crisis would have almost certainly been avoided.

    You know, Charlie, when Obama was elected I recall that I had very mixed feelings. I was proud of America for electing our first Black President, but I was sorry that it wasn’t Colin Powell.


    give me a break. national democracy is a tool those in power use to convince the masses that somehow they matter. the masses dont matter. there is no difference whether obama or mccain or anyone else is president, your life would be almost exactly the same. the national government will always, more or less, be run the same way. go live your life and stop wasting your time listening to talk radio.


    Politics is the he said she said argument. If you are a Democrat you will support the Democrats, if you’re a Republican you support the Republicans. There is no room for listening to the other side by definition if you are of the opposing party you must be wrong. Everyone is wrong!!!


    Dial, that’s only true for low information voters. thinking folks support issues, not laundry lists. For instance, I voted for McCain and Romney for President and Cuomo for Governor, not because I agreed with them on everything (I vigorously disagree with Cuomo on his idea of Gun Control) but because I felt that they would do the best job overall. I was right about Cuomo and I’m confident that I was right about McCain and Romney.

    Ben Levi


    It’s funny how you go back to McCain.

    I think that the results of the last six months have made it clear that we would have been way better off if Romney had won.

    And yes Obama was not telling the truth over Benghazi, neither was he telling the truth over the IRS scandal’s.

    And the economy remains in utter shambles unless you are pretty wealthy or work for the government.


    “Roosevelt into WWII”

    You think that the US should have simply made peace when Hitler declared war on us.

    You are clearly not a Jew.


    “IRS scandal”

    The real IRS scandal is that so many political groups continue to benefit from 501(c)4 status when they should be required to register as 527 groups.


    Redleg, I don’t disagree with you. I’m referring to the House and it’s inability decide. They all just take sides when arguing on policy, why, because that one is a Democrat and that one is a Republican.

    Ben Levi, you would think that everyone would want justice and want to know why 4 Americans were horrifically murdered. “dude it’s been two years…” a quote from an aide. That is justice?!?!…blah


    Cool your jets, Charlie. No need for ad hominem attacks. You’ve obviously been on the blogs for a long time and picked up some bad habits from the trolls. WWII was a war we had to fight as was the Civil war. Is it your position that Gulf War i wasn’t justified? My point was that Republicans aren’t anymore blood thirsty war mongers than Democrats. Here’s something to think about. If Kennedy hadn’t stolen the election in ’60, we would never have gotten involved in Vietnam in the first place and if Goldwater had won in ’64 we would never have escalated to Johnson’s 500,000 troop blood bath.

    The particular case in point is that McCain might not have made a better President than Obama, although I think he would have, but he couldn’t have been a worse one.


    There could still be a worse president than Obama, but I won’t describe him or you won’t be able to sleep even the little bit that you manage now.


    Charlie hall, please explain to me how our economy is any better under Obama. It just shrunk 2.9%, it’s at the worst since 2009. Look at the stats, more people are out of jobs and more people just gave up looking. Welfare dependants grew by 50%. I understand that you want to be liberal but you have to see the truth. I don’t agree with everything Bush did, but at lease he didn’t make America or her allies look weak and like fools.


    Nobody knows for sure how different things would be if Romney won, simply because he didn’t win. Either way I still bet the world would be a better place if Oveyma lost.

    Our economy hasn’t gotten any better under Oveyma, as in it’s still getting worse. But no Oveyma supporter is going to admit that one of the reasons Oveyman became Pres still hasn’t been realized. Not to forget his administration has violated the Constitution on so many occasions with plenty of lies to go.

    “[You can keep your health care.]”

    Second Democrat Pres in a row to be deserving of impeachment.


    All I can say is, for those of you who want a change of the current scenery, mark your calendars for 2016.

    Ben Levi


    Actually the real IRS scandal is when the IRS broke the law.

    IT is no scandal for political groups to be doing exactly what the law allow’s.

    Don’t try and obfusicate.

    Ben Levi

    And I think that the economy has proven the Conservative Republican’s correct.

    They claimed that the implementation of Liberal economic policies would cause stagnation that in many ways is similar to the Lost Decade of Japan (which implemented many similar economic policies).

    And guess what?

    We had a six year trial period.

    And it caused utter stagnation unless you happen to be very rich, becuase under Obama the rich have been getting very rich.





    It’s nice to talk in the abstract about which particular presidents and parties are bad or good, but I want to hear from y’all about how Obama has impacted YOUR life negatively or positively, and how voting republican or democrat has affect YOU on a personal level.

    I don’t care much for politics, but I have Obama to thank for letting me stay on my parents’ health care insurance plan until I’m 26. Also, I know a few people with complex diseases (like many kids at camp simcha, hasc, etc) who are so grateful that obamacare eliminated the 1 million dollar lifetime “cap’ that used to exist on how much insurance you could have. Regardless of his other failings, I’m so happy Obama was successful here.

    Ben Levi


    You may know people that have a complex medical issue.

    I personally have one.

    And thank G-d it broke out before Obamacare had been implemented.

    So I got treated by top dr’s who csually admitted that many of the things they did would will not be able to be done in 5 years from now if Obamacare still stands since they were long-shot’s.

    Thank G-d they were done and I had the long shot recovery they hoped for.

    And the following year the insurance plan that I had (which had shelled out over a million dollars covering my tratment) stopped covering small buisness’s as a direct result of Obamacare and I was forced to joing a different plan.

    My new plan does not cover my primary care DR who incidentally saved my life after I had been mis-diagnosed by an ER.

    So yes I am quite sad that Obama succeaded.

    You see now as long as you don’t get sick and are within the proper age limit’s you can get health care but if r’l someone get’s sick then they have no hope.

    Unless you are really wealthy or a connected politician. (Like Obama)


    IMO, the only way healthcare will ever potentially be fair and good, is if EVERYONE has the same plan, including the President and all the members of Congress who voted on it. When they have to endure the same garbage as the rest of us, be assured they will make it better.


    ” the IRS broke the law”

    Correct. It allowed political groups to get 501(c)4 status even they were not acting anything like social welfare agencies. THAT is the scandal and Obama had nothing to do with it.


    “It just shrunk 2.9%”

    It shrunk 8.3% the last quarter of 2008 under Bush. And that was after dropping 2.7% the first three quarters of 2008. It continued to drop in the first quarter of 2009 5.4%, as it took time for Obama’s policies to take effect.

    So please explain how 2.9% is greater than 8.3%.

    It should be noted that McCain was a deer in the headlights after the crash occurred. He knows nothing about economic policy and his answer to foreign policy is always to invade whatever country is causing problems — but to oppose any and all tax increases to pay for wars.


    “if r’l someone get’s sick then they have no hope.”

    That is a lie. In fact, the lack of hope was for anyone who had a chronic medical condition prior to Obamacare; the Republican response to them is to let them die. All the Obamacare plans have a lot of good physicians and great hospitals. I think Montefiore Medical Center takes almost all if not all the Obamacare plans, and it also requires its attending physicians to accept all the insurance plans that the hospital accepts. And thanks to Obamacare — and Andrew Cuomo’s good work implementing it — the cost of individual health insurance in NY dropped by 60% on average. 3/4 of a million New York residents who did not have insurance prior to Obamacare are now insured and the Republicans want to cancel their insurance.


    “the implementation of Liberal economic policies”

    Liberal economic policies ended on January 2, 2011 when the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives and forced on America the very same kind of austerity policies that failed dramatically in Europe.

    Ben Levi


    To state someone with a chronic medical condition was worse off before Obamacare is a complete lie.

    I had a chronic medical condition before Obamacare and still do.

    Not only is it chrinic, it’s also extremley rare.

    Good, Competent care for those in my condition under Obamacare virtually doesn’t exist per the Docot’s who treat me!

    And as I stated before the insurance coverage that I had before Obamacare, the coverage that paid well over a million dollars in just one year ofr my care stopped covering Small busniess as a direct result of Obamacare.

    And while my primary care Doctor was covered before Obamacare now he’s not.

    But I am paying more.

    And the Manhattan hospital where I am treated does not accept any Obamacare plans, period.

    Of course I could go back to the Hospital which mis-diagnosed me in almost fatally for thier “care”.

    Ben Levi


    Again, why do you keep bringoing up McCain?

    Obama last ran against Romney not McCain and Romney know’s more about the economy and how to fix thing’s up in his little finger then Obama will ever know!

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