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    Rav Tuv

    HKB”H is HIS infinate wisdom decreed Obama should win the election. If you voted you did your hishtadlus. The outcome is out of our hands.


    What is the point of this post? We can always organize groups of hundreds of people to send e-mails and letters to the white house everyday telling him to support Israel. This seems like a random post…

    YW Moderator-42

    He won because people drink chalav stam.


    In America, we have a heter from Rav Moshe Feinstein to drink Chalav Stam. If we have a heter, then that cannot be a valid argument.

    ☕️coffee addict

    to realize we’re in Galus (even though people think we’re not)


    snowbunny3318 – everyone knows that the heter was only in those days and that today, R’Moshe Zatzal would 110% say it is definitely ossur. I’ve heard this from loads of Poskim. I dunno how all u Americans can just ba’al habatishly say ”Yeah, R’ Moshe allows it” – look into it!

    Nowdays, No Rav in the whole of Europe allows it – why should the US be diff?


    The Obama administration cheated in order to get him to win.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I also direct you to a news article that was on ywn 4 years ago



    A few questions (please keep in mind that I am a BT, and only went to a bais yaakov school for twelfth grade):

    1. If Rav Moshe Feinstein’s heter does not apply anymore, than why is there a such thing as OU-D?

    2. If we are required to drink cholov Yisroel milk/ keep cholov yisroel, then is that like saying we don’t trust other hechshers like the ou, crc, etc when it comes to certifying dairy products, especially because the supervisors, are still orthodox rabbis?

    3. The US has laws that prevent anything else from being put into cows milk, so why would farmers violate that law, and have their products certified by jewish organizations, and even if not by jewish organizations, doesn’t the us government inspect these farms where the milk is produced?


    The moderator replied tongue in cheek. Don’t get all bent out of shape.


    42 – Thanks for the laugh!


    Obama was elected because: he got more votes than Romney

    Among Romney’s problems is that he (and the country) were distracted by fringe Republicans who are obsessed with sex and openly anti-Hispanic prejudices. Romney should have stuck to economics and his “making America great” themes, which would have one. He needed to repudiate those Republicans who focused on non-economic sexual issues (which most Americans feel should be private matters not subject to government regulation) and the nativists (who seriously insult all Hispanics, and much of the non-WASP population). There is a strong pro-immigrant wing of the Republicans (Wall Street/Country Club Republicans are pro-immigrant, as are the religious right since they see the Hispanic immigrants as people like themselves), and there is a strong libertarian wing who favor small government staying out of people’s personal lives. These issues suggests that Rand Paul may be the way of the future, as well as the several second-generation ethnics (Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindahl, Nikki Haley).


    Because he gave out Obamaphones.

    Because he survived a Christie bearhug.

    Because everyone can go bankrupt, why not the US?

    I forgot why, do you think I have Romnesia?

    Because he slept through the first debate, who can’t sympathize with a guy who sleeps through a debate?

    Because no-one believes that 16 trillion is a real number.

    Because we aren’t racist but we are anti-Mormon.

    Because Biden laughed through his debate and we all like people who laugh.

    Because Ryan doesn’t have an MP3 list from “Avraham Fried to Zalman Kwarten.”


    Rav Moshe’s Heter still applies. Europe has differant laws than america. dont talk about things that you dont no about.


    He won because a few senior citizens in Florida said “Hey,look how well he handled the hurricane. Did you hear what Gov. Christie said about him? If he could handle that, he could handle anything.” So they went and voted for him and he won Florida and the election by a few thousand votes.

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