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    now that b. hussein obama won…is there any positive in him? maybe we can CHANGE his ways? everyone come on and vent….or better yet maybe we should change our attitude because now we have no choice(besides for leaving


    leaving is sounding better and better….

    We need to hope that his idea about change comes true for the better… i want lower taxes! hope that the change that they hoped for comes true…


    Here’s the good: This is part of HKB”H’s plan; Moshiach is now closer than ever; We have gotten comfortable the last few decades, and this is a wake up call, telling us that “Ein od Milvado”; He wants our tefillos. Let’s not pass up this opportunity.


    bugnot,please translate and explain…

    we have the dumbest man as president who has no experience and we know nothing about. Has no resume and has not shown us his birth certificate!!!!!!

    Daven hard!!!


    Why does everyone assume that just because he is elected president, that moshiach is coming? Give me a break. All politicians are the same. They make promises to get into office and once they get elected, dont keep them. Who cares if hes black, muslim, whatever… Hes just another president. I happen not to like him but i dont like McCain either. I dont like Obama’s stance on abortion because he doesnt mind people having live birth abortions which is just utmost cruelty. Look it up on the net.



    Take your moniker’s advice.

    1) Dumbest man? Are you serious? A Harvard Law grad, Constitutional Law professor, etc… Where is YOUR degree from?

    2) We know PLENTY about him.

    3) His birth certificate was released and verified.

    4) He doesn’t have a *ton* of experience, but he certainly has some.


    illini – you have to pay closer attention. havesomeseichel is correct – we do have the dumbest man as president. The president-elect is the man you are describing.



    While you’re correct, unfortunately havesomeseichel was indeed referring to the Presiden-Elect.


    Oh, that makes sense, then <toungue in cheek>. Thanks illini. I was wondering about the birth certificate part – I don’t recall anyone ever making an issue of it with the president.


    I mean the next president, and I know what I am talking about.

    Bush, by the way, is smarter then Gore. He actually got better grades then many democrat policy-makers, senators, presidents ect. Did Gore got what degrees and what grades, may I ask?

    He is a Harvard grad, but the ones who wrote his recommendations were associated with terrorists. And he never let his thesis, papers ect be published!

    What experience does he have? He was in the senate for 2 years- that is nothing, and half the time he never voted or showed up to vote!

    And I want to see his birth certificate. Who was it verified by, the communist news network?


    obama being president just shows us that mashiach is coming i once heard from someone that wen your slave becomes your master thats wen you know mashiach is coming. its so interesting how the world manifests itself 60 years ago blacks had to get up for whites on a bus now they r the presidents of the united states the super power of the world comes to show god runs this world and watever he wants to happen will happen


    How can people whose grandparents were murdered by racists, be racists themselves? You people astound me as much as you sicken me.



    Unfortunately, get used to it. Racism is a cancer deeply entrenched in the frum community.



    Its deeply entrenched in the Torah itself:


    Learn to love it.

    Devora K

    While Moshiach is certainly coming, I do not see Obama as a harbinger of this fact. He is very intelligent, a liberal and just may lead this country out of the economic mess we are in.

    The Republicans took a vibrant economy and destroyed it. Someone else deserved a chance. While there may be cause for trepidation because of his past associations, it is certainly no reason to become canadian citizens.

    Jimmy Carter and Ruchard Nixon were rabid anti semites. Carter still is. Yet, we survived them both.

    Patience not rhetoric is the order of the day


    Didn’t you know- only “Whites” can be racist against “Blacks”…

    But an African American cannot be racist- EVER. IT IS DEFINITIONAL. (at least according to the NAACP and the ACLU)

    But during this election, people voted according to RACE, not policies. Last night, Obama supporters were cheering “we now have a black president! we now have a black president!” But I thought that this has nothing to do with race? I thought they voted according to policies? Yes, in an interview I read someone asked (on video) an Obama supporter “How do you like Obama?”

    He’s Amazing!

    “What about making Palin his VP- do you like that?”

    Of course! He was so right!

    “And do you agree with his position of staying in Iraq until the war is done?”


    It when on and on and on like this…


    Devora K you wrote:

    “The Republicans took a vibrant economy and destroyed it.”

    When Bush took over the dot-com bubble was bursting – the dot-com build-up began under clinton. the dot-com industry was a house of cards that greedy people tried to and successfully did exploit. these were companies that were heavy on business cases and light on successes.

    so this vibrant economy that you refer to was all an allusion.


    I truely believe this knee jerk obama is bad let’s move, comes from too much talk radio in the frum comminity. Turn rush shaun and the rest of the tools off !


    Now What? make sure the Republican have a landslide victory this time around, come November 2012.

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