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    Shopping613 🌠

    Please share any frum singers or music that is not so well known. I find it hard to find things that are my style, and frum music in general all seems to be pop songs. So please post any singers you listen to that aren’t well known. Here are some of mine.

    If you want to find their music google “(name of artist) jewish music” and it should pop up. An alternative is writing a source website, if well known such as youtube, soundcloud, or a jewsih music online store.

    RJ2 (Soundcloud)
    Alex Clare (Youtube and Soundcloud)
    Shtar (Soundcloud and youtube)
    LEVYTICUS (Souncloud)(DJ, remixes of frum hits plus some original stuff)
    Blue Fringe (Soundcloud and youtube)
    Hadassah Haller (Soundcloud)
    Menachem Levy (Mostlymusic and youtube)
    Shauli (mostlymusic and youtube)
    Dalia Oziel (Soundlcloud and mostlymusic)
    Jonathan Links (youtube)


    Blue Fringe was somewhat popular a few years ago; however, many people did not appreciate their music.


    The following are not your average Jewish hits:

    Ahron Razel
    Ben Zion Solomon & Sons
    Eli Shwebel


    Shopping, I cannot tell you how many times I have had to edit your opinions on frum music, books etc. I think you need to understand that your limited exposure to what is available cannot be transformed into potential l”h about what is actually out there. My son has about 50G of kosher music and is constantly downloading more. I would love to let people here prove it to you, but I also don’t have the energy erev Pesach to “worry about” what is being posted and about whether or not we are being nichshol by listing female singers that we know some males are going to look into.

    I am torn about the productivity vs destructive potential

    I do wish you would try to be more positive as well.


    Blue Fringe is good, and unlike Bulletproof Stockings they are not female so anyone can listen to Blue Fringe.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Please note: I have no idea what’s popular or not, so the fact that someone is on my list does not necessarily mean that they aren’t well-known

    Shaindel Antelis and Chanala Fellig – FOR WOMEN ONLY!!!!

    Pinny Schachter

    Ari Goldwag

    Choni Goldman


    Aryeh Kunstler

    I second Eli Schwebel. Very different style.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Hi mod. Thanks for your critique on my posts. I appreciate the mesaage, honestly. I am also glad that you did no delete the entire thread, rather posted your thoughts. It is much apperciated.

    I think that if men are looking to listen to women, they aren’t exactly looking for frum women or YWN to tell them where to go. But if you think it is a nichshol then edit out the women.

    mother point is, even if there is a lot out there, I feel it’s hard to sift through it all and find the really good stuff. I hope people can share here about people they like that aren’t extremely well known and maybe I will get a chidush of new music and names.

    It is a true I’m pessimistic about the drum entertainment area. It’s so hard when you can’t seem to find the style you like. Although I’m sure it exists it’s hard to find frum books about dragons and magic or frum music that’s heavy metal, dubstep, orchestra dubstep, etc.


    Without even addressing the almost unaddressable ending to your post I will say that when you are speaking to Jews, and about Jews, you need to keep your pessimism to yourself. Being discouraged does not excuse disparaging attitudes. There are ways to ask for things without putting people, or an entire people, down.

    I don’t know that I share your gratitude regarding leaving the thread. And it’s not about the music.


    Yes shopping, I agree, it is hard to find frum music that is heavy metal.
    I wonder why you think that is.
    Do you think it’s a lack of proficiency on the part of frum musicians?
    Do you think there could be another reason?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Golfer – I love you (in other words I am enthralled with your response)


    I know what you think about heavy metal, but I think the lack of heavy metal in the frum community is actually because the frum community is very small and if the same percentage of the frum community appreciates metal as the general population, that barely justifies the existence of the genre in the frum world.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Shopping wrote that she finds it hard to find music that is her style. Maybe I’m missing something (or something was deleted) but I didn’t see that as loshon hora on the Jewish entertainment world. She didn’t write that there is a problem with Jewish entertainment, simply that a lot of it is not her style. Even in terms of “her style”, she clearly thinks it exists; that is the reason for this thread.

    “Yes shopping, I agree, it is hard to find frum music that is heavy metal. I wonder why you think that is. Do you think it’s a lack of proficiency on the part of frum musicians? Do you think there could be another reason?”

    My understanding of Shopping’s post was that was EXACTLY her point. I thought that she was trying to explain that her initial post was not meant as a negative statement on the Jewish entertainment world since obviously it’s going to be hard to find Frum music that is heavy metal, etc. just like it’s hard to find Frum books about magic.

    Am I understanding you correctly, Shopping?

    Oh, and kol hakavod on your super-nicely written second post!! I was super-impressed!


    Maybe I’m missing something
    Yes, maybe you are.


    RebYidd23 makes a good point.

    Niche musical tastes are catered for so extensively in the secular world largely because even a tiny minority of the world’s population equals a marketable demand, especially in today’s interconnected world. The amount of frum people that would have an interest in, for example, heavy metal, even were they exposed to it enough for some to develop a taste for it, would be negligible.


    I wrote a longer post in which I expressed sympathy with Shopping613’s position, although that does not equal a wholesale endorsement. But my point was more about my general disappointment with the direction <i>some</i> mainstream frum artists are heading in. I do not believe this is an indictment on the entire Jewish musical scene. Having similarly diverse musical tastes, I appreciate your desire for more variety, but I also understand the viewpoint that wider exposure is problematic. I don’t want to set the cat amongst the pigeons, so I think I’ll leave it there, seeing as I’m not really au fait with your respective opinons.

    Letakein Girl

    Mod, thank you for leaving this thread up, and spending the time to edit the posts. It is really appreciated.

    Thank you for saying so – 29

    Thank you for your OP, Shopping! I never heard of Hadassa Haller before, and am currently listening to her music on Soundcloud- it’s lovely!

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    “Maybe I’m missing something”

    “Yes, maybe you are.”

    Really now? So what was it then?


    Baruch Hashem the one to whom the message was addressed understood it’s meaning.


    Akiva Gelb
    Yumi Lowy


    Baruch Naftel
    Gedalya Sloshay
    Hillel Kapnick
    Heshy Goldstein
    Ophie Nat
    Rodgers Park
    Uzi Bodner
    Yohan Michael


    @shopping613 – Alex Clare is only obscure to frum people and Americans. One of his songs was the number one song in Germany and he’s made the top ten in other countries. Microsoft used one of his songs in an advertisement. He has a really interesting story- check it out on torahanytime.


    And don’t forget the YU MaCcaFeets! They’re a great group and really talented! They brought a great many back to their jewish roots!


    “They brought a great many back to their jewish roots!” – Hey, don’t exaggerate. They are talented, though.


    Alex Clare is only obscure to frum people and Americans.

    Not all frum people. Alex Clare sits and learns all day (when off tour) in the Mir, in Pinsk Karlin building. He sits next to a roommate of mine. I’ve actually been invited to him for Shabbos.


    Alex Clare may be frum, but his music is not for a frum audience, and I think he’d tell you that himself. Just thought I’d point that out.


    “Maybe I’m missing something”

    “Yes, maybe you are.”

    LU – I don’t think its the first time I’ve seen you second guessing the moderators. While it is very nice of you to stand up for posters you feel are being hard done by, you have to understand that there is more to everything than what meets the eye. You may not have seen the entire post; it could have been edited. There may have been numerous posts that were not approved.

    The Moderators have a clearer picture, and I think you should trust their judgement on what is not suitable. They do a wonderful job of keeping this relatively Kosher site relatively kosher (I say relatively because there are certain things that if I was a moderator I wouldn’t allow through, such as constant discussions about posters dating life). And it’s certainly better to err on the side of caution than the other way around.

    Kudos to the Mods!


    Syag, Thank you!
    {blushing emoji}



    R’ Alex Clare’s story is very inspiring. Listening to this is 47 minutes well spent https://www.torahanytime.com/#/lectures?v=39947

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Yekke – I only saw your post today. It is wonderful of you to stick up for the moderators! However, there are several fallacies in your post, and I am surprised that someone who is as intelligent, introspective, and makpid on analyzing the applications of hilchos l”h as you are did not catch them.

    I was considering whether or not I should point them out. For various reasons, I am not so comfortable doing so. So I decided to challenge you to see if you can figure them out for yourself. I really do think you are capable of doing so.

    Let me know if you figure out what they are.


    Mistake #1) There is a difference between erring on the side of caution and pointing out problems with a post a moderator chooses to post.

    Mistake #2) I guess in this specific case there wasn’t much more than what met the eye, because there was no evidence of any editing and the moderator was very clear about what s/he had against the post.

    Are you worried about my comment on Rebshidduch’s shidduch history?

    Is there anything else I was wrong about?

    (BTW, You’ll notice that I didn’t write my post when you defended Shopping613; I wrote it after a Moderator hinted there may be more and you asked for explanation. It may make a difference to your list of fallacies)


    yekke, knowing the whole picture, I don’t see those errors in your original post. I think it is important to remember that in addition to knowing the back story to the posts and posters is the simple fact that something going unnoticed is not equal to something not being said.


    hard to call someone with close to 40 million youtube hits obscure.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    “Mistake #1) There is a difference between erring on the side of caution and pointing out problems with a post a moderator chooses to post.”

    I actually don’t think that I had thought of that, but that is true as well.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    “I was not referring to the comment about shidduchim posts. I actually did not see a problem with your original comment in the context in which it was written. However, I am a bit unsure about the second post (in which ironically you were asking if I thought it was a problem the first time).”


    So on the whole, I did rather well. Mistake #1 went unnoticed, you don’t have a problem with me complaining about the Dating posts, and you are only unsure about my second post (whatever that is).

    Or, more likely, some of your posts didn’t get approved.


    I think it’s time to give this side topic a rest. This whole idea of not saying something that might be inappropriate but trying to give lots of hints until someone figures it out thing is not what this forum is for. This is another one of those times when you may have to accept that your view may not shtim with the whole picture and even asking for an explanation is misplaced, let alone expecting one. The posts are not deleted in support of your point, but rather to prevent incorrect assumptions from being passed on. I’ve tried to leave it alone, hoping it would go away on it’s own, but since it won’t I am asking you both to move on.



    but since it won’t I am asking you both to move on.

    BTW, I saw LU’s post last week and deliberately ignored it in order that it ‘would go away on it’s own’, but replied when I was directly asked to on a different thread.

    Thank you.


    A lot of really good “Jewish” music recordings in a variety of styles
    have been released over the last 40 years. Among the challenges in a
    relatively small market like “Jewish” music compared with the humongous
    secular music market is accessing older recordings.

    There have been only a handful of music labels – some no longer in business
    – that produced these recordings. To re-release even the best of them
    requires not only locating the studio masters (tapes) if they still exist,
    but also establishing who has the rights to them. Then, there’s the funding
    issue: is there enough of a market to justify a re-release?

    You might try asking around to borrow or purchase old collections, but be
    prepared to address the technical hurdle of listening to obsolete recording
    formats (LPs, cassettes, etc).


    Letakein Girl

    Dana Mase (Youtube) – I like the song Ashrei best. She’s got a very unique style and voice.


    I just googled Dana Mase. Looks like she’s not Jewish?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    According to what I googled, she is.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    In any case, she was always Jewish, but I don’t know if her music was.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    I just googled Dana Mase. She is baalas teshuva. It sounds like she may have started performing before she became Frum, so you may have been looking at old things. Her current music is Frum Jewish music.


    My favorite Jewish band is a folksy Israeli group called Alma. They’re frum but have more of an earthsy hilltop vibe. They only have two albums that I know of, “M’al Sh’Ma Anachnu” and their 2nd one “Sha’ar”

    The lead singer’s voice is hauntingly beautiful.

    As a side note, I often struggle with sticking to strictly Jewish music as I grew up non-religious during the golden age of “grunge” Most frum music I’ve heard seems to be very upbeat and happy which is great and definetly the ikar, but sometimes when suffering from feelings of lonliness, struggle, not fitting in, not measuring up, it’s too hard to just try and cheer it away. Sometimes when you feel like the furthest thing from a ben melech, it doesn’t help to just listen to lyrics about how being a ben melech is the happiest thing in the world. Sometimes when going through those feelings you just want to hear from somebody who has the same feelings and take solace in knowing you’re not the only one.

    I’m by no way endorsing listening to goyishe music as I know the sefarim hakedoshim bring down how it can be metameh a neshama, but l’maise the type of music I’m talking about doesn’t seem to have any alternative in the frum world which is something I personally struggle with and I don’t know the answer to.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Assurnet – is there Kosher not-Jewish music of the type you are describing?


    What does kosher mean in this particular context?


    Hold it to the same standards you hold Jewish music to.


    I recently listened (could find only one video on Youtube) to the niggun that was sung by the Ger Tzedek when he was walking to his place of execution. This niggun was taught, if I am not mistaken, by Rav Meltzer zatzal and it was the minhag to sing it on motzoi Yom Kippur. The words are taken from the beginning of davening.

    Letakein Girl

    I found another frum female singer! 🙂
    Sara Hecht- Send Me a Sign and Pieces (Youtube)
    I came across Send Me a Sign last year and LOVED it, but then couldn’t find it again til now. Yay!!

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