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    Reb Eliezer

    What has the Senate done lately?


    They blocked three awful pieces of legislation and that is more than enough for me .



    Are you referring to senate republicans? They’ve successfully halted Biden’s radical agenda.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Thanks to manchin they have stopped socialism from rearing it’s ugly head


    The Senate has done the job they were intended to do. To block stupid and unconstitutional and anti-democratic (small “d”) legislation. Unless unlimited postal voting were combined with voter ID (e.g. you have to mail the ballot in a post office and have your ID verified), the Biden proposal would for all purposed prevent fair elections in the future. The Republicans have save American democracy.

    Reb Eliezer

    Where is the socialism, the right to vote? I believe the Torah advocates socialism. Supply side, voodoo economics does not help the economy by giving an incentive to produce and hiring people when there is no demand.

    Reb Eliezer

    Trumps former AG, William Barr admitted that there was no voter fraud enough to change the election and the states are curtailing the ability to vote, so the Fed government had to jump in to stop it.


    ” Unless unlimited postal voting were combined with voter ID (e.g. you have to mail the ballot in a post office and have your ID verified), the Biden proposal would for all purposed prevent fair elections in the future. ”

    I don’t see anywhere that the Biden bill forces states to allow postal voting without ensuring that the Voter’s ID be verified.


    They prevented the will of a majority of Americans. That is not democracy.


    What does voting rights have to do with socialism?

    Republicans do not stand for anything positive. A bunch of losers who worship at the altar of Trump.
    They stand for is restricting healthcare, restricting voting and ensuring that the rich do not pay taxes.


    Now Biden is claiming the 2022 midterm election which haven’t even taken place are illegitimate. Getting to sound a lot like Trump. The Democrat’s problem with Sinema & Manchim is that if they anger either one of them they can switch parties and change which party runs the Senate. Both of them are from states which Republican voters out number Democtrats so if they run a primary opponent the only thing that will happen is the Republican candidate will win.


    Republicans are not good, but Democrats are pure evil. American politics is a big fat distraction. Israeli politics is important but just depressing – Why I don’t read YWN much anymore.


    RebE > What has the Senate done lately?

    RebE, did you read Federalist 62 or 63 lately? [sorry for answering question with a question]


    jackk > They prevented the will of a majority of Americans. That is not democracy.

    jackk, I don’t know how old you are or where you were born, but you need to level with the fact that you live in a republic, not a democracy. Pure democracy was considered a failure for most of human history, and I don’t think it was a Jewish thing also. 20th century “people’s democracies” just proved the point, that on an island with 9 poor people and one rich one, the nine will take everything from the rich and execute him even if they are losing the minyan.

    Reb Eliezer

    AAQ, I get it. The purpose of the Senate is to get paid, don’t do anything and sometimes not even debate an issue because of a convenient filibuster.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Manchin stopped build socialism better



    The difference between what a republic and democracy are, doesn’t give a free pass to the obstruction by the republicans in the Senate from getting laws that keep the most basic right in America of free voting passed.

    In the end, the elected representatives should be responsible to the voters who elected them.
    Not to the PAC’s, Donors, and Corporations that fund them. Republicans and Democrats should vote based on what is good for the country.


    Democrats are pure evil ? Right.
    As I posted in a different thread – please give back all the money from the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package and do not drive on the roads and bridges modernized from the $1.2 trillion infrastructure law.
    Republicans have so little in terms of accomplishments, they want to take credit on these 2 bills that they voted against.
    Biden’s bill is a direct result of the Republican states making new laws that restrict voting and that will make it easier next time when Trump calls to send Republican Electoral College delegates although the Democrats had more votes.

    While you are at the Texas border, you can salute the ineffective border wall that Americans paid for without a peso from Mexico.


    Jackk, in regards to voting rights bill, besides for clearly being unconstitutional, the idea that it would “save democracy from republican voter laws” is absolute unmitigated garbage. Bidens democrat home state of Delaware is one of, if not the most difficult state to vote in. The general idea that requiring Id to vote somehow goes out the window when requiring it to eat in a restaurant. The truth is anyone who wants to vote, can.
    As for the BBB, what majority are you referring to?

    anonymous Jew

    Jack and RE
    Your lack of history is breathtaking.
    1. The Democrats used the filibuster 314 times while Trump was president. I don’t recall any objections on your parts
    2. Schumer used the filibuster this week against a Republican proposal
    3. Republican Senator Tom Cotton gave a fiery defense of the filibuster in the Senate, predicting dire consequences if this long standing Senate tradition was overturned. He concluded by saying he didn’t write the speech. It was written by, and delivered by, Senator Charles Schumer when Republicans controlled the Senate.
    4. Democrats have stated that requiring valid IDs constitutes voter suppression for African-Americans and Latinos. Rep Burgess Owens, an African-American Representative from Utah, said from the House floor that he was offended that Democrats assummed people of color lacked the intelligence to obtain an ID.
    5. Many Blue states, including Delaware, NY. NJ and Connecticut have provisions that make voting more restrictive than Georgia.

    Reb Eliezer

    You missed the point. Don’t eliminate the filibuster completely but only for the this time of voting rights make it harder to filibuster by having to talk for the duration.


    Reb E, who are you responding to, to what point and what do you mean?

    Reb Eliezer

    anonymous Jew


    Reb e-*to what point and what do you mean?


    American democracy is built on the free speech idea that everyone can say whatever they want, and, after hearing them all, the voters will make their reasonable, if not perfect, choices, and complicated multilevel system will make it so that one bad choice will not ruin the country, like it happened in Weimar republic.

    Jewish debating rules are different, and we all are supposed to strive for truth and not mislead each other. So I am surprised to see here people repeating partisan slogans without trying to bring it to some level of truth. It is unbecoming.

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