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    Pal Media Watch @palwatch Tweeted:

    Fatah applauds as “hero,” the Arab who randomly attacked a Jew.

    (Jun 15 ’22)

    Haim Goldberg, “Arabs who attacked ultra-Orthodox demonstrators were arrested and released.” Kikar haShabat, 16 Sivan 5782 – (15 Jun ’22):

    Police arrested two Arab youths on suspicion of violently attacking ultra-Orthodox protesters on the slopes of the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem, and asked for an extension of their detention, but the court released them under house arrest.

    Members of the Edah HaCharedit community continue to demonstrate on the slopes of the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem, where they claim Jews’ graves are being dug to pave a road. The ultra-Orthodox demonstrators at the place claim that every day they suffer violence from the security guards and workers at the place. A new document obtained by Kikar Hashabat shows a security guard at the place slapping – apparently for no reason – a demonstrator standing outside the compound. Additional documentation from the recent period shows another employee kicking a demonstrator.


    If the Palestinians were bright, they would have accepted the idea of a bi-national state with an Arab majority which the zionists agreed to it 100 years ago. They could have accepted a much small zionist state, with most of the Jerusalem in the Arab state when the zionists agreed to that 75 years ago. Those zionists who still believe there is Ribbono shel Olam should see this as evidence that Ha-Shem has gifted them with incompetent and not clever enemies.


    To akuperma, true, but hate has no reasoning.


    Most likely, the Arab didn’t know that these are anti-Zionist. Alternatively, the savage didn’t care because he believes the Zionist Big Lie that the Zionists represent all Jews.


    The “political” conflict about a “state” is a separate thing.

    The subject is about bigotry.

    [Etnnic Arab racism and religious radical-Islamic intolerance – jihad].

    Reminding: main victims in Hebron TARPAT (’29) were non Zionist haredim… hy”d. With sheer bestial cruelty;
    Or the brutal cutting off ears and heads Rachmono-Litzlon in Har Nof shul. 5775 (’14);
    the ramming into Reb Yeshaye Krishevsky hy”d 5776 (’15);
    the targeting of Bnei Brak after drawings of Al Aqksa mosque and Swastika;
    the ax attacks hitting on heads in Elad 5782 (’22)…

    anonymous Jew

    Hakatan , I have a news flash. Neither do anti-zionists


    To Hakatan.
    1. The Arabs know very well that these with those hats… are ANTI ZIONISTS .

    2. Only Edah HaCharedit are protesting there.


    HaKatan,, nor is thee an inyon of דן לכף זכות here…

    Besides, Abu Nazen Mamoud Abbas of Fatah “Palestinian” Authority knows better, when his regime officially applauded the leacust-Arab assault on the Haredi Kano’im.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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