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    There are so many grass-roots movements challenging and inspiring us to higher levels of tznius. When successful, women will carefully scrutinize their wardrobe to remove those items that do not fall within her new yardstick of what is tsniusdik. That is only one aspect of Tsnius awareness and unfortunately not the most difficult one.


    maybe you’re just going to the wrong stores.

    i have sisters and they do find many things that fit the bill.


    Try going to higher class (not brand name) goyish stores like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor as they usually have tznius clothing and will still be cheaper than the frum stores who lately have been selling outlandish and completely prust clothing.

    I’ve seen frum stores in Flatbush selling strapless and backless dresses and I think its disgusting. Wearing a shell underneath something gross doesnt make it kosher.


    Wearing a shell underneath something gross doesnt make it kosher.

    You couldn’t have said it better.


    Wearing a shell underneath something gross doesnt make it kosher.

    I can’t agree more, its sooo sad , you see these nice BY girls in these pruste disgusting gross styles that are SO not tzniusdik, it doesn’t matter if it covers, or even if it’s not too tight, the style itself is trying to bring attention to those exact parts which are meant to be concealed, hidden and covered. This “heter” with shells is really sick, and than, shells that the sleeves are too tight…

    Yes, goyish higher end stores are good to shop at. I only like brooks brothers because they have such befitting respectful clothes.(i hate the symbols, so i buy stuff without they’re silly logo) They’re VERY expensive so i only go on huge sales to the outlet store and buy stuff @ reg. prices (meaning $30 for a sweater is normal, for them it’s on sale). Also Macy’s, ann taylor, i heard talbots, i’ve had no hatzlocho there but i didn’t try enough. Especially in climates where it gets cold you can find long sleeve cotton tops and use it for summer. You New Yorker’s take advantage!


    I have a better idea for all who feel they can’t find tzniusdik clothes in stores. Teach your kids to sew and be creative!!!! There is nothing wrong with a fifteen year old, designing her own clothes or fixing her own purchases to make them tzniusdik by using her own imagination and adding some trim to the bottom and sleeves for length, or adding a pretty piece of fabric for a dickie, etc.

    In addition, they can buy something they like in a larger size and then take it in so it fights properly without being too tight, yet still maintaining the style and elegance it was designed to have.

    We really should stop blaming the designers. We do not encourage our own girls to go into this field, so when clothing designers do not recognize our needs and produce for us, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Yes we have frum people in the clothing business, but at best they have their manufacturers tweak the designs they already produce and not necessarily design for the modest crowd.

    pascha bchochma

    What’s wrong with supporting our heimishe stores in Boro Park? I like to dress classy and in style and have never had any problem shopping in Brooklyn. Yes it costs a little more. So buy fewer clothes.


    The heimish stores in Boro Park (which have gotten less tznius also, although they are still better than the stores in Flatbush) are exactly that- Heimish and Boro parky. and most girls in Flatbush dont like to dress like that. Of course there are exceptions, but most girls want to dress stylish and tzniusdik and theres nothing wrong with that. (Not to say that Boro Parkers are not stylish- they just have a different style than most litvish people)

    And besides- it costs A LOT more.


    Mrs. Pushatayid (who really is not all that pashut) asked me to make the following comment.

    “By design, all skirts are strapless and backless.”

    Back to me.

    I don’t like to comment on what women wear or how they dress unless the comment is directed to my wife or daughter. I will only add anecdotedly that the Mrs.was looking for something to wear to the wedding of a close relative. She tried the shops in BP, Flatbush and the 5 Towns. She didn’t end up buying anything at any of these stores, (something to do with choosing between black, jet black and midnight black). She ended up buying a strapless gown (dress?) in Macys and took it to a dressmaker and had shoulder straps added (along with other alterations), she then found a nice top to go with it and she was all set. The dress, top and alterations were all within the price range she had set from the beginning. I guess all I am trying to say is, where there is a will, there is a way.


    So, as I said it Pushit!!!, What is the difference if you have to find a dressmaker or you become your own dressmaker?


    “What is the difference if you have to find a dressmaker or you become your own dressmaker?”

    Personally, I have no intentions of ever becoming a dressmaker 🙂

    I hate to answer for the Mrs. but here goes. Even stitches.


    You women have my deepest admiration. Tzinius is not a nisayon which I can understand; and that’s fine. But what I do know is that it is extremely difficult, especially in today’s age of everything goes within our own circles & stores. Today’s generation is a transitional generation; which side shall win is yet to be seen.

    This I know: one Bas Yisrael dressing b’tzinius – even when it’s difficult/expensive, and especially with a social acceptable “come on!” available, makes a far greater impression on the collective world of tzinius then a hundred kinussim of revered Rebbetzins.

    Peers groups work both ways. And while the tide now is in the other direction, and I’ve certainly heard endless kvetching from my own daughters how difficult it is to buy modestly (and I certainly know how expensive! Hello! I do need to dress professionally in my own line of work, but my 15 year old’s clothing allowance is double mine! “yes, but Abaaaaah, everything else was sooooo pruuuust…”…ah yes. That’s why you had to buy most expensive outfit in the store. Right. But that’s a different story.).

    I wonder if it’s an investment opportunity; Modest & Stylish clothing? Probably not. Alas, things that are holy are rarely profitable.

    Kol HaKavod, and I hope you that with the shopping savvy for which Bnos Yisrael are renowned for, you will find exactly what you looking for which compromises nor your principles, sense of style, or credit card.

    With that, I leave you to your discussion.

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