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    this guy comes into shul and sits behind me with beautiful Arovos, looks like it was just picked fresh off the bush. So is the Rav’s. And the gabbai’s.

    Mine? they’re stir fried black.

    how do I keep them fresh & green throughout Yom Tov?


    Grow a Willow tree in your backyard, and Pick them as needed


    Either he bought it new and fresh that morning, or he does what I do……Paper towel in foil in the fridge over night.


    My problem is having the lowest of the three rings, the one around and holding the aravos and hadasim holder, to not keep falling off. Same problem every year.

    Any advice?


    As to keeping the arovos fresh, I do what ‘gotbeer’ does. I actually slide the whole holder, with arovos and hadasim still in them, off of the lulov. I put it onto a paper towel, sprinkle just a little water on the leaves to make them and the paper towel SLIGHTLY MOIST, wrap the whole thing in the paper towel, then wrap in a foil, and put into the fridge. This morning my arovos tips were just beginning to turn black (which is the same condition of some of the arovos that they were selling on erev succos!). As to the ‘Litvishe’s’ problem, slide the tip of the ring back out of the ‘box’ of the ring so that it is straight and no longer a ring, and thread it through one of the braids on each side of the holder. Then slide the tip back through the ‘box’ to close the ring. The ring will stay on the holder even when sliding it off of the lulov to put it into the fridge (as described above). Good luck and Gut Moed.


    thank you gotbeer and hakohen53. If that’s what does it, i’ll give it a shot with my new leaves.

    zahavadad- i have given that a reasonable thought, and might carry out my plan to grow one if this paper towel/ silver foil trick doesn’t work.


    I think that you can learn a good mussar vort from the blackening of the aravos.

    Without ??? or ??? if you are out of water(Torah) for a short time you wither away.


    hakohen53- I don’t put my whole thing into the the foil and paper towel but just the hadassim and aravos bc i find it to get moldy, wet, discolored, and disgusting. Be careful when taking the hadasim and aravos from the holder that the leaves dont rip and get pulled off.


    we do what gotbeer does with his aravos, and works beautifully. But on zahavasdad’s idea, we did grow an aravos bush, and they grew quickly and nicely, very easy upkeep (just dump a big bucket of water on them once a week on hot weather). Just plant some fresher aravos from sukkos, and some may take root. Thats how we started bushes twice. Also at the end of summer is when they shoot up. With rain/water, they can grow 4” a day at least. My bro has 10 foot hoshanos, and is wuite proud

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    Sprinkle some water on the leaves first. Then take the entire holder with the hadasim and aravos in it off of the lulav, put it in the plastic bag that the lulav comes in, and put that in the fridge.

    Or just buy new aravos every day or 2. Considering how much people pay for their esrog, to spend a few extra dollars to buy extra aravos shouldn’t be such an expense. Or grow your own as mentioned above (or find a neighbor who has them like popa)


    Buy new ones

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