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    Torah613Torah: not living his life based on what others think but rather based on what he feels is right.

    Being Real

    It would solve:the pressure I feel from not being married,the distance and divide I feel with all my married friends, the heartache from not knowing if I made the right decision of saying no to that one girl,the feeling of being in flux and not really knowing where do go based on what will people think of me in the shidduchworld etc the list goes on…


    Story of my life!

    and while getting married wont solve any real issues someone have, it does help with the whole society thing. Im very young but now alot of my friends got my married and suddenly they dont have to make themselves crazy and doubt every decision they make three times.

    It is hard to make sure ur in the right place-im frum but not fafrumt but get a lot of bad feedback because i went to a top seminary-so deemed too serious for a regular guy but im not looking for a crazy flipout just reg frum guy its so frustrating.

    But yeah Ive learnt that I have to actually look into guys regardless of where they are, cuz if my brother was in ur situation id want him to go get a degree in a way that worked for him and not be judged for that

    I feel very strongly about this lol


    Getting married does NOT mean that decision-making gets easier. It just means that one particular decision is over (and not necessarily even that– some people unfortunately have doubts after the fact). Actually, in many ways life decisions get harder post-marriage because they have far-reaching consequences that affect not just you, not even just you and your spouse, but also a handful of other, vulnerable neshamas that can’t always speak for themselves.


    JF well said. Oh why do we not prepare singles for married life…

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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