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    Oomis, that is also the reason why the standard kesuba amount for a besula is twice the amount awarded a non-besula. And there is no such a Halacha for men.


    mdd bring me a source, i know your right about the besula, but why? Why are people more quick to marry a previously married man than a women? I don’t get it. In the long scheme of things its a minute detail


    Mods, can you get rid of the apostrophe in the thread title? It makes me cry every time I see it.

    Pac / Man

    sof davar: a besula gets a different (higher value) kesuba than one who isn’t, that refers to her as a besula in the text of the kesuba.

    Also, if she represented herself as a besula, and after the wedding he realizes she isn’t, he can bring her to beis din to “nullify” the marriage as if it never happened (no divorce necessary.)


    Off hand,without double-checking, a mishna in the 1-st perek of Kesuvos, but it’s mentioned in many places. First of all, it has to do with the phychological, emotional make-up of men. Secondly, Gemora says that if a man marries a besula, she tends to have a stronger bond with her husband than a non-besula.


    The problem is clear and was enumerated by many Rabbonim.
    The boys are starting to date at 23 and only dating the 19 year old girls, and YES there IS an AGE GAP.
    Stop denying it!
    If a boy wants to learn in Eretz Yisrael, he must be willing to date a girl his own age.
    Otherwise he is a rotzeiach.


    Why are so many people having marriage problems today? Because they didn’t marry their bashert.
    Because their bashert was 23 and they were also 23, so they wouldn’t hear of it.
    If you don’t marry your bashert, why should Hashem give you the special siyatta dishmaya that a marriage needs in order to succeed?


    Dear Opinionated,
    People have marriage problems because they should have married their bashert. Who was 13 when they where 23.

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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