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    Bees are such troopers! Awww. Wow.

    Now doesn’t this make you appreciate bees even more?:

    “Unlike many other kinds of bees, giant honeybees tend to build their hives out in the open. This can make them easy for predators to find and attack. For example, both birds and larger insects like hornets and wasps will fly by the hive and grab bees off the top to eat.

    To prevent a potential attack on their hive, giant honeybees have created a tough defense mechanism. They can quickly mobilize a large group of stinging guards that will fly after and attack potential predators. They can also heat their abdomens to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This works to fend off smaller predators, such as wasps, which die at these temperatures. Several bees surround a smaller predator, like a wasp, heating it up until it dies.

    This defense mechanism works very well to protect the hive, but it also requires the bees to use a lot of energy. For example, when you face a bully at school, it’s easier and safer to walk away than to run at him or her screaming and punching. If you had to do this dozens of times per day, it would be very tiring. You might even be too tired to eat or do your homework.” (Ask a biologist website)


    What does an omgosh bird look like, and is it kosher?

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