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    Little Froggie

    Two observations (in my boredom):

    The Gemarah records a “dialog” between HaShem and lehavdil Titus ym”s. As Titus was returning from destroying the Bais Hamikdash, he held himself haughty and blasphemed towards HaShem. A Bas-Kol from heaven came down said: “I have a tiny creature on land, care to fight it?” Upon reaching his destination, HaShem caused a tiny gnat to enter through Titus’s nostrils and caused him tremendous discomfort until his death….

    In our modern era, it’s almost as if everyone (besides us Yidden) have declared war against HaShem…a society so completely demoralized… descending lower and lower at such an alarming rate, such a free fall. They’re legalizing any and every abomination and lust… things that would have disgusted moral and upstanding nations of the world of yesteryear…A world so completely devoid of any semblance of Godliness. And here comes Yad HaShem from a creature so much smaller than that of Titus – a microscopic bug – and it’s turned the WHOLE GOLBE upside down. Just listen to the news here; no sports – nothing at all. Financial markets are going completely beserk… In fact the whole economy situation our president has prided himself with, is completely undone – in a matter of days!! All with a microscopic something. (As an aside – remember anyone, the trade deal with China IMMEDIATELY preceding this outbreak? What was that for? יושב בשמים ישחק!) All schools, many businesses coming to a complete halt. The airlines…completely in the dust…. All by a microscopic something! יש מנהיג לבירה זו, and he’s halting the globe at large, literally… until this message gets around… Yes… there was a time when sports wasn’t the main thing. Neither the financial markets and institutions. Neither the plastic bag bans nor any other “save the planet”campaigns. No – today they are silly topics to even ponder… it’s how we are going to get through another day that’s on our minds. Yes. Here and now – in the modern year of 2020.

    Second thought: The Gemarah (somewhere) records an episode where an Amorah (I think) saw a scorpion taking a hitch on a toad’s (or another sea creatue) back. He watched as the toad swam across the water and then the scorpion disembarked. It than went and bit a person. This Amorah called out the passuk למשפטיך עמדו היום כי הכל עבדיך. And the meaning is that the whole of creation is in employ and at command to fulfill HaShems will. A scorpion and a toad…both teaming up to fulfill the רצון of Hashen.

    And in our modern day where one would attempt to think that pretty much EVERYTHING is in the human reach and control – a microscopic bug and a modern, human built airplane both team up to do HaShem’s bidding. Think about it – without human intervention this virus would have never reached here (certainly not in the USA, probably not most of Europe too). It’s our very own advancements – our airplanes – that have been instrumental in carrying out Hashem’s will. And when HaShem wills it, no one is able to stop it… all the חכמים at the CDC or of the world… no one is able to come up with anything. When the בורא רפואות says it’s time – precisely then a cure and vaccine (for the vaxers, of course) will be found.

    נורא נוראות!!!

    Little Froggie

    And another thought:

    Recognize the influence and affect of one bad, evil contact. There are one million healthy people and all you need is just one infected to cause all of them to catch it. No amount of health, no strength in numbers (majority) is going to help. Only cleanliness, removal of the effect – disinfecting, isolation etc., where one removes the germ in its entirety. Once it enters – it’s a different story…

    So too, the hashpoah of a bad neighbor, acquaintance, friend, contact. Just as a thousand tahor utensils won’t clean a tamai one, to the contrary – they all become tamai from the lone tamai one…

    (if this doesn’t end soon… I’m going to be at this until…)

    Little Froggie

    And another:

    I remember watching some time ago a debate with someone about the era of Mashiach. And the guy asked the Rabbi “Do you really believe the whole world is going to collapse or maybe some otherworldly disaster or occurrence will descend from above”? And the Rabbi replied that he doesn’t know exactly how it would unfold, only that we’ll know when it happens.

    Yes, it IS unfolding right here (and there and everywhere) before our very own eyes! Something so NATURAL AND SPECTACULAR! Both, together, concurrently. HaShem is using his very natural nature to show his might and glory! ואין מידי מציל, no technical advances can defeat His will, no scientific developments will overcome His bidding. עד עת בא דברו, until He wills it, until He sends His word forth…then the בורא רפואות can and will send (by simple discovery or difficult, complicated experimentations ) a medicine or vaccination, or just make it disappear!!!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Thanks froggie. A strong dose of chizuk goes a long way.


    Hey LF! Very beautiful thoughts! Keep em coming!!




    Thanks. As I started reading this, I was sure it was going to be another one of those chiZuk videos that go around WhatsApp, where it feels like either fluff or silly. Instead, you wrote something that I hope will give me and others support. Why Hashem decided to punish is this way is unknown, why he saw for to take away our most potent weapon of tefila betzibur is unclear as well, but what is obvious to me is that everyone has to look at what is most important for then to work on, whether it’s technology, spousal relationships, tznius,tefila,or whatever. The point is that if we’ve been banished from our shuls and wedding halls, where we congregate together, it’s clear to me that it’s not just one thing we need to work on. It’s everyone working on what they need to work on most, and hopefully this ends quickly with mashiach, and we will once again be about to congregate together on sicha

    Little Froggie

    Thank you, all.

    I feel lately like I’ve joined in and participated with צרת הכלל. I found out what I need a head for (where else would you put an ongoing pounding headache?), the lungs and etc.

    Hallucinating forever in bed, I gained another insight into the words וחכמים כבלי מדע, ונבונים כבלי השכל.
    Imagine – so many organizations and centers, bureaus, offices and divisions all charged with keeping our world safe. They’re all preparing bedavka for such a scenario… such an occurrence… years and years, study after study, universities after universities – all in guard to ward off such a massive catastrophe. What is the WHO for? CDC? And all the rest. All the brains, from the top medical advisor all the way to the bottom. WHERE ARE THEY?!? And a lot of them saw it coming (as will be unveiled to the public in the coming days, months, when each entity knew what), and did not or could not do anything to prevent this.

    There’s this famous clip of the PM in Eretz Yisroel being interviewed by a secularist and HE says something about davening to HaShem… The matzav is definitely causing a lot of people to realize that אין לנו להישען אלא על אבינו שבשמים.

    At the precise time He deems fit, a cure / remedy / vaccine will be discovered. I beg you, HaShem, please make it quickly. Too many karbanos.

    Little Froggie

    I guess it’s bashert no one read this… (posted last night)

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