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    Just wondering, how many ppl here are stay at home moms or dads.

    How many are here while supposed to be working?

    those that are employed while blogging, do you ever feel guilty about it? if not why?

    And how many come on only after work, and don’t even look at the news during working hours?


    I go on during work.

    I don’t usually take a lunch break, so instead I surf randomly through the day.


    I’m on during lunch, or when my co-workers break for a smoke (which I don’t). And I rarely use YWN for News.. its almost always for the CR


    I don’t have fixed working hours; I often work at home nights and Sunday.


    Unless your boss gives you reshus, it is pure geneiva to go online for non-business purposes during working hours.


    Gabboim That is not necessarily true.

    I have to stand up all day which has ruined my feet and I cannot stand any longer without serious pain if I do not periodically sit down and take some pressure off them for a while.

    I do not usually get explicit permission for this but without doing it I’d lose the job.

    My supervisor and boss who both sit down all day doing nothing, and my coworkers get to sit down and do not get the criticism that I get, for doing what I must, to keep my job (and I have no other job to go to).

    So while I am sitting down anyway, I often use the computer.

    Also usually at the end of the day we are still, at work and not supposed to leave yet but the work for the day is done, so no reason to just sit around staring at the walls.

    Dr. Pepper


    I agree with you, even more so if the computer you are using to go online belongs to the company.

    Some one asked the Chief Technology Officer at an all employee meeting if we can surf the web while we are supposed to be working. He gave permission on a few conditions:

    1. We get all our work done at the end of the day regardless,

    2. We don’t use the Internet for anything “unprofessional” (use your imagination- the IP address can be traced to the company)

    3. It does not impact anyone else’s ability to work (downloading movies during business hours can use up a good portion of the bandwidth).

    (It is explicitly stated in the company policy that since we are a financial institution- everything that takes place on any computer that is logged into under our user-name and password is permanently recorded and is our responsibility.)

    hereorthere- In my opinion you should be entitled to a coffee break here and there and you should feel free to do what ever you want with your personal property (iPad…) during that time, but that all changes if the boss specifically says otherwise.

    anon for this

    Dr. Pepper,

    Those rules make sense but you’d be surprised how many people don’t think. I have an acquaintance who told me that a colleague of his was fired for violating rule #2. They both worked for the National Security Agency.


    Dr. Pepper, I haven’t asked a

    Rav but I do not know what I would do, if a Rav would pasken that my boss could single me out, and tell everyone else they may sit down for breaks and I am never permitted to do so, if the boss decides that is how it will be.

    I have in the past had huge fights with my supervisor over this and have even been sent home more then once, losing a day (the hours of the rest of the day I was not there working each day I was sent home) from work over this.

    None of this has been recent, but it has happened in the past.

    I really have no other place to go at my age, and with my lack of skills, no money for training and no way to pay my rent while training even if I could somehow pay for the classes.

    Even I could some how do all that, if I am doing any averias the way I am taking breaks now, I would still have to continue to do so, untill I finished and got hired (if I could at my age), somewhere else.

    It would either be that, or become homeless, which for me would become Pkuach Nefesh.

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