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    Busy As A Bee

    What is goin on in this world??

    Tragedy again and again…

    I can’t stop thinking about it

    I can’t stop crying

    Every year we sit and daven that this year will be better then the last

    But already we’re hit with such tragedy…

    These young bocherim returning to study Torah. After spending a nice shabbos with they’re friends ans family

    But never again will the words of Torah pass their lips in this world.

    A young boy running to catch his bus

    How many of our kids run to catch the bus??

    Yet this sweet neshama will never gleefully run again.

    What are we doin wrong?

    I’m sure we know.

    I know what I’m doing wrong.

    Why do we need tragedys such as these to wake us up??

    Please Hashem bring moshiach and and end to all this madness


    What common act of improvement can we all do that would show the RBS”O that we are serious about taking His message (sent via tragedies to young children) to heart? I can certainly think of many improvements that I, as an individual need to do, but it would seem that such a spate of tragedies from the RBS”O indicates that we as a community are failing in some way spiritually. I think that one thing we can all improve on is our adherence to Halacha, especially Hilchos Shabbos which I believe the Chofetz Chaim ZT”L said that it is almost impossible not to violate if we do not study the Halachos very seriously. Maybe if we all take upon ourselves to study 2 Halachos about Shabbos. Maybe we can all agree to take one Sefer – perhaps the Shabbos Home by Rabbi S.B. Cohen and learn every day – would this be possible – maybe we can get a chain going to many people. Perhaps we could get the Haskomah of a Gadol to take this improvement on ourselves.

    Busy As A Bee

    I turned on my computer and now I wish I hadn’t.

    Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel???

    How can we continue our every day lives after a day like today.

    I woke up to tears

    and now I’m going to sleep in tears.

    Al Eile Ani Bochiya, Aini Aini Yarda Mayim….


    The Reboino Shel Olam, is bringing the holy Neshamos home. In the past six months, we have suffered tremendous loses.

    At first the three senior Roshei Yeshiva were taken from us within two weeks back in late spring, striking Klal Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel, America and Europe. Back then many of us have sighted their advance age at the time.

    But then Hashem removed the pure young Neshoma of Leiby, in a very brutal way, which shook us quite a bit. Not long after that we lost Rav Abuchatzeira No one blamed his old age then either.

    Harav Don Ungarisher, Harav Avraham Eliezer Mintzberg, Harav Schwartzman, Harav Menashe Klein, Harav Finkel, Reb Kanievsky; the holy neshomos that were taken from us in just few short weeks. Once again some might dare say they died due to their advanced age or life long sickness.

    But in just few short days, more neshomos: A bochur killed in LA, 3 year old dies in a car fire in Eretz Yisroel; 8 year old is killed by a car in Monsey; 2 year old has died in Lakewood; two bochrim died in an accident in CT.

    Young and old here and there, the holy neshomos are leaving us.

    One must be blind not to see.


    Yesterdays tragedies were just too much I awake waiting better news and it keeps striking! ENOUGH

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