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    mrs. Katz

    I was wondering about a question and it seems to be me’inyono de’yoima of this site.

    Does anyone know whether Odom ha’Rishon wore shoes before the chaite? Was it only clothes that he didn’t need or also shoes?


    He probably wore Shabbos shoes.


    Says somewhere it’s a bigger embarrassment for a disrobed person to be wearing shoes.


    WIY, how could he have worn Shabbos shoes if shabbos hadn’t yet been created?


    I’m not a very big lamdan, but I am a big boki in shoe issues – check out all my other posts to see.

    If all these people seem to think that shoes are not clothes, then i suppose Odom Harishoin wore shoes.

    Zeeskite, it probably was not embarrasing if he was supposed to be disrobed.

    Anyway, at leaone good thing came from his transgassion (maybe) it helped me find a job.


    all you talmidei chachomim – i.e. Sam2, goldersgreener, do you not know an answer?


    Mrs Katz,

    I will go out on a limb to say that as long as they were In the Gan (I guess until Motzei Shabbos) they didnt need shoes but once out of the Gan they needed shoes. Im guessing in the Gan the ground was soft and smooth but outside there was rough ground and thorns and whatnot due to the klalah that Hashem cursed the ground due to Adams aveirah.


    I think I once quoted a T’shuvah in the Tzitz Eliezer here about whether or not shoes Halachically count as clothes (the precise topic was putting on galosh-covered shoes or whether that’s an issue of putting on two Begadim at once, I believe). Presumably the same would apply here. If shoes are clothes, then for sure they didn’t wear them. If shoes aren’t, then there’s no Hechre that I know of (maybe a Medrash somewhere refers to it; I definitely don’t recall one about it though).


    As far as I know shoes in the torah are leather and they couldn’t kill any animals.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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