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    OK, so my wife and I jumped on that huge Transaero deal for a flight from JFK to TLV. We just couldn’t turn it down for that price, especially since my wife has never been there. We’re only going for a week (actually less than a week, we land Monday afternoon and are leaving motzei shabbos), and we’re trying to figure out what we ‘need’ to see. I understand that what we ‘need’ to see really just depends on what is most meaningful to us, but I was wondering if I could get feedback for ideas of what to see to get some extra guidance. One caveat is that we are doing this on a VERY tight budget, so free options are appreciated 🙂 (cheap is good too). Thanks!


    Is that the flight that has a Moscow stopover? What did it cost you?


    Hey Me Too!

    1 Week, Tight Budget!!!!

    I’m working on an itinerary and am going to be watching this thread for ideas!


    @picturesq: Indeed. We opted to pay a bit more to get the flights that only had the 3-4 hour stopover versus the 14 hour one (there’s only so much vodka a person can drink you know! 😉 ). It ended up being something like $410/person round trip, which is such an incredible deal.

    @maasehshehoyoh: Sweet! We are doing the obvious things like kotel/old city, ein gedi, and tzfat (my wife loves art, so being in the artists colony will be heaven for her). Just trying to figure out what else to check out. I hope people respond and we both get good ideas!


    The Israeli Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, Masada,


    Check out the Kaver of Shem and Ever in Tsfas.

    Take a dunk in the mikvah of Avraham Aveenu in Hebron and Daven neitz by maaras hamachpela.

    Check out the Shul/Mosque by the Kever of Shmuel Hanavi outside of Ramot in Jerusalem.

    Take a hike through Lifta behind the central bus station in Jerusalem and take a swim in the natural mikvah.

    For sure daven kabbalas shabbis by the kotel, go to a few tisches that night like Belz, Dushinsky.

    For a beautiful view, I might check out Mitzpe Ramon, although there is not much else there and it is a long drive.


    richashu: The issue with some of those is that while they are great for Bachurim, not so much for his wife (or him if he wants to do the things with her).

    The Kosel is a must. Yad VaShem is important. It’s always fun to drive through the Galil and stop by all the Kivrei Tzadikim you can see. There are some really interesting ones off the beaten path.


    Har Menuchos- kivrei tzadikim.

    Har Nof has plenty of LIVING gedolim you can get brochos from.

    *These are nearish the Kotel, but still a bit of distance*

    1. A trip to Geula-Meah Shaarim is a must- seforim stores and you can get really cheap snacks there. One place last time I remember makes big gigantic bags of popcorn that only cost 14 shekalim.

    2. The Shuk- sunflower seeds are amazing there. Ben Yehuda is there as well. You should for sure get something from Kotzefet. Its an Ice Cream place and really good stuff.


    Have you heard of the blind museum in Holon? It’s worth a visit

    The shuk on Friday afternoon

    Reb chaim in bnei barak, visit the big yeshiva while you’re there, ponevez etc

    If you go up north, there are some lovely hikes, it’s snowing in the hermon

    Have fun


    Kotel Tunnel Tours [which must be booked in advance]

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