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    Since almost all the jewish schools are closed, shouldn’t they be doing online classes? We don’t know how long we’ll be out of school and we can’t just not learn. We have regents and marks are needed for our transcripts! Most people have internet so the schools should just man up and do this. They like to lecture us on the evils of smartphones and computers, but now we need them! Do you think they’ll do Zoom or something like that?


    The more modern schools are using Zoom, I dont know what the Charedi schools are doing


    some have set up a conference call system, some have set up online. Talk to the hanhalah of your school.


    Zoom is an extremely easy and cost-effective system that can very easily be adopted for ANY school. No reason why even the frum yeshivas can’t do it. We have so many talented IT guys in the frum tzibur so their are plenty of resources available to assist.
    If anyone needed a reason why the chareidi schools need to adopt minimal internet access capability, perhaps this is as good a reason as any.

    The Alter

    I personally know of a main stream yeshivah that is using zoom for all those who have internet access, and phone for those who don’t. I am specifically leaving out the name of this yeshiva bec. it can be a potential chilul Hashem bec. some may think using internet to learn is wrong.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Since this can potentially last up to the end of the year I think all schools should call an emergency phone conference and recommend that parents buy kosher tablets for all their kids so that school can resume via zoom or the like.


    The phone conference system virtually all the Yeshivos are now implementing is perfectly fine. No need to contaminate our heilige tinokos shel beis rabban with legitimizing internet access in their eyes, when the phone conference system works well.


    Joseph is correct. Let’s keep our children dumb. That way it’s easier to control them later on when their bodies have grown but their brains have not.


    Rational, you go ahead and “educate” your children about all the immorality and perversions in the world. You certainly wouldn’t want your children to be uneducated, unaware and ignorant of all the available possibilities to them in those areas of today’s world.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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