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    I am looking for an online college to get my BS or BA…… does anyone know of an accredited college where I don’t have to go on campus? Did anyone ever get their BA online here? How long does it take? Is it accepted everywhere?


    Proper spelling might help you in college


    My husband is getting his Masters through Steven’s Institute and doing mainly online classes. Its primarily an engineering/tech school though. Its a regular university in Hoboken so if there are some classes you need and are in the NY area, its easy enough to get to.

    I know people who have used University of Phoenix. They are the most reputable of the online places I believe.


    I have done some classes online.You have to be extremley motivated!

    I believe that Empire might be able to be done online.

    Most colleges in your area will have online classes.My suggestion to you would be to call up a college and ask them if you can get your B.A. online through them.


    You want an online program that is widely accepted and that will not require you to go to them for your masters.


    I believe UMUC – google it…


    Even though it does not have a program for girls, I know students in Yeshivas Tzvi Yaakov receive a degree from Thomas Edison State College of New Jersey. It is fully accredited and a great way to further your education.


    Empire State College

    Walden University

    University California Southern

    University of Phoenix

    I’m sure there are more…


    Trident University International is WASC accredited. Getting my Master’s from there…all online


    Make sure that the online program is accredited by the appropriate regional association. Here is the list:

    An unaccredited program is a waste of money and time.

    If you don’t want to go past a BA or BS, that is probably sufficient. But if you want to pursue further professional or graduate education, it will really help if you are able to get to know some faculty who can write you a letter of recommendation! Check out the programs and find out how much contact with real faculty you will have.

    FWIW, you can also go to a famous prestigious university and not have much contact with real faculty. I did, and ended up not having any of my undergraduate faculty write letters for me to get into graduate school. And I know of others who have had the same experience.


    Anyone know of a widely accredited online college for Special Education Masters program?



    I know of a couple. University of cincinnati, grand canyon, university of the southwest, university of nebraska kearney. I have a friend who is doing grand canyon.


    Online universities may not be too highly thought of by future employers or graduate school admissions officers. Why have you decided not to ever go on campus? If you’re afraid of the atmosphere, you’re going to have problems wherever you go. Also, as pointed out above, you will miss meeting faculty.

    I recommend that you go to a regular college, but in the night division. Evening classes are usually filled with working people who are ambitious and want to advance. Very few of them will have death’s head tattoos or pierced eyebrows. They probably also spend their spare time at home doing homework and feeding their kids, not hanging out at the nearest beer hall.

    A good idea would be to check with employers in your field/area and see what their views are about online degrees. You could save yourself wasting a lot of money and time for an online degree that won’t get you what you want.


    I agree with Midwest. Online Degrees are esentially worthless and cost ALOT of money

    I would add that going to a commuter college (Colleges with NO DORMS) also generally gets working people not interested so much in hanging out even during the day time.

    And if you Live in NYC Brooklyn and Queens College have ALOT of religious jews who go there

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