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    I joined this site after his major heyday, so I was just wondering-

    Many posters are “unmasked” as Joseph, who is, as I obviously understand after being here for over a year, the troll hador. How is this decided? Is Joe now just a pejorative for “troll”? Or do all these people have the same IP address or something? I’ve read a bunch of different Joe posts and they seem to all have different styles, so just out of curiosity, who exactly IS Joe?

    YW Moderator-73

    Yes, I think there is some CR slang going on with the Josephing. But if you see the name Joseph under someone’s user name, that means he is the real deal (with maybe a couple of exceptions, none current). He still likes to pop by every once in a while, sometimes pulling some weird stunts to mask his identity. not getting into details.

    YW Moderator-73

    what does OOC mean though

    just my hapence

    OOC = “Out Of Curiosity”

    YW Moderator-73



    Thanks, Mod 73! I’ve been wondering about that- so I guess he goes to pretty big lengths to conceal himself.

    And thanks, jmh, for interpreting my “visits-too-many-web-forums” slang!

    YW Moderator-73

    no prob


    Has he ever done anything like stalking, or is he just annoying and has loads of screenames?

    YW Moderator-73

    he has

    Shticky Guy

    the troll hador

    Lol. However, threads about the troll hador, especially those mentioning him by name in the thread name, surely encourage him to continue in his sick endeavours.

    Incidentally, OOC could also mean:

    Out of Character – but he does not have one

    Operations Control Center – yes, definitely for control freaks who love to control conversations and threads

    Original/Obscure Character Creator – he’s the #1 character creator

    Ontario Chamber of Clowns – he could well be the founding member

    Orange County Criminals – self explanatory

    Office of Citizen Complaints – set up in response to constant trolling

    Order of the Caribbean Community – who knows where he comes from?

    Officially Certified Cychopath – oh no, my spelling has let me down again


    Shticky Guy: your spelling let you down a lot earlier than with psychopath – you were looking for what OOC could stand for and other than the first (out of character) the answers you gave were all for OCC

    Shopping613 🌠

    I never really got the Joseph thing….

    That’s the top guy that’s NOT gonna be in SUC….he should make his own club or sumthing…like the Joseph club…

    Shopping 613

    Founder, president and CEO of SUC

    Please contact me to join.


    He DOES have a Joseph club…there are like 7,000,000,000 members…


    I would argue that Joseph thing is a “troll topic”.

    I have seen the Joseph factor deteriorate into unpleasantness of various sorts not fitting a yeshivah world.


    My old theory is that the Editor himself, or hired someone to be Joseph just to make a bit more entertainment in the forum.

    YW Moderator-73

    BTGuy: You are right, the name-calling and suspicion has gotten very out of hand in the past. And none of the mods are interested in allowing those things to happen again. We try to handle the situation with much less commotion now.


    73, thanks.

    BTguy and Real Brisker, it feels like a time warp seeing you here.


    I hope that people aren’t annoyed that I brought it up…

    It’s just something that I’ve wondered about for a while, as the whole thing predates my presence on the forum so I was wondering what was going on.

    I remember also wondering what’s with this mysterious ames character until I figured it out… 🙂


    A hearty welcome back to the chief of the troll patrol real-brisker!


    The Goq – Thanks!

    Haleivi – 🙂

    Oh Shreck!

    Could not pass up the opportunity.

    If not for this day, how many Josephs…


    If you were a hotdog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

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