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    Born without shame. Born with no heart.

    I developed a most original art.

    The art of turning words into sword.

    For this gifted talent I won an award!

    Their flaws can then justify my very own style.

    Widows and orphans may be hurt from my claws

    But a small sacrifice for a most worthy cause.

    Just love to lay blame. Love to defame.

    But always trying to beat the game.

    I can hurt without hands. I can kill with no gun.

    Justified a man so ruthlessly slain.

    Dug up his dead body and killed him again!

    I deserve a medal for this special feat.

    Congratulations to an author who went six feet in the mud.

    A pen that knows to write and also how to roast.

    Congrats Hellena Winston of the New York Post!



    How’d you get it to her? Or that publisher?


    Bigots are bigots. You can’t argue with them. Would you have bothered writing a nasty letter to Julius Streicher? Do you understand to the bulk of the secular left, which includes most non-Orthodox Jews, hareidim are a social ill in need of being removed from society. That you take her so seriously suggests you fail to see her and them for what they are – you think they are good people who are misinformed or prejudiced, rather than evil people who acting quite reasonably for evil doers.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Hellena Winston is a rashanta, based on what she’s written.

    She denies having written the Post article, though.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    That is pretty drastic considering she didn’t write this article. I know she has written against the yidden before, but I also know she has exposed some people who were doing some pretty rotten things and being protected by some pretty rotten people. Is that also wrong?



    Suddenly for that denial she can be believed?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Nishtdaygesheft, good point. I don’t know what her motive for lying about it would be, though. She’s put her name on some pretty nasty stuff.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    nisht – she would have had no reason to deny writing it if she did. I just think it makes people look foolish when they jump on bandwagons instead of becoming informed. If she didn’t write it, this is misplaced and foolish, write it to the editor who published it.


    This should be directed to Jesse Angelo the publisher and ceo of the ny post, or to rupert murdoch whose new corp owns the post.

    the post is a tabloid. any shameless headline, no matter how mean spirited is fit to be published under their banner as long as they think it will garner attention. if you want news you dont turn to the ny post. if you want the latest dirt, you open the post. what do you expect to find in a garbage can, if not for garbage?


    Syag Lchochma

    We have many people in our communities who jump onto the idiot bandwagons. Its truly an embarrassment to the “am chacham venavon” that we are meant to be.


    I am not jumping on a bandwagon, I am just pointing out that she cannot be believed. Period.

    At a minimum she was associated with article in some way, and I guarantee that she did not add anything nice. I am sure she was happy to see her name associated with that trash.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    nisht – my bandwagon comment was referring to the OP and anyone willing to string her up without worrying about whether or not she even wrote it.

    WIY – exactly. We are an extremely intelligent group and if we used more discretion before rallying (not applicable here, per se) we wouldn’t look so foolish. Jumping in protest every time a yid gets in trouble, without finding out if it’s possibly a legit situation ruins our credibility for times like this.


    WIY: I’m the driver of your banned wagon.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    truthsharer – that’s exactly what I said. But I was a lot nicer and wasn’t about name calling. Maybe people will listen better to me.


    It would also help if you actually were attacking the right person. Hellena Winston is a medical student in UofC.


    SL, What gets me is that by the time this thing passes, he will have become the gadol hador of America.

    Is it a tragedy? Of course.

    But people seem to be more upset at the Post than at the murder, and the actions that caused the murder.

    Anytime something like this happens we should reflect inwards and see what could be taken from it.

    Just attacking and frothing at the mouth doesn’t do your cause justice, and it could actually do it harm.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    truthsharer – yes but we part ways on two thoughts. I will not free Winston of blame for her writings and I will not even consider opening the door to, as you say, “the actions that caused the murder”. That is overstepping bounds of decency and spouting ignorance of a different kind. How bout stick to things we know and things we will benefit from discussing. This is about our pain and our growth as Am Yisroel, not about making tabloid writers change their spots.


    Right, we should have just said, “NY Post? Feh. Frum Jews don’t read that garbage.”

    But the problem with making a big issue of it can be seen as if we don’t care about the actions (or alleged actions). Remember when Satmar had a huge fundraiser for a child molester? Actions like that talk.

    In this case, once people start going all crazy, some people will ask, “but is it true?” And if so, why does the community not care?

    As far as the name calling, you can see it here all the time, when YWN puts Lapid’s picture upside down, or Lipman is called a Rasha or YM”S. YWN moderates all posts. Why would they allow that through? If we as a society don’t care when people we disagree with are called Rasha, or Yimach Shmo, why should the NYPost care?


    are you serious? how do you compare?

    A. hes dead

    B. he was murdered

    C. the post came out within 36 hours of the news, meaning it had to be written even before that. too soon?

    D. what lapids doing is on a national level

    E. it affects our people

    F. lapids trying to stop people from learning torah hashem yirachaim, kind of like the good old days no?

    g. extra credit. sometimes people dont understand how evil he is and how terrible things will be if he gets what he wants, therefor in order to get things in perspective we openly call him a rasha

    i do agree though that we have to pick our battles. the world laughs at us when we play the antisemitism card on any little thing, kinda looses the chashivus after a while


    The murder has been done, and we don’t now who did it. But we know who the New Yorrk Post is.

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