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    We fought and we won.

    The rates have skyrocketed, it’s going around the schools I know for a fact.

    Have we done the correct thing?
    More so in light of what became obvious last week, that we crowned a madman and were brainwashed by him.

    If you need proof look at the gedolim in eretz Yisroel who throughout the pandemic advocated closing staying home etc.

    catch yourself

    In the out of town community where I live, our schools have been open this entire school year, albeit with sporadic closings of specific classes.
    We have implemented a containment protocol which includes all staff and students wearing masks except when eating or during recess. Each class has maintained its own bubble, with no mixing of classes allowed during lunch, recess, or any other time.
    School does not seem to be a major source of spread, judging by who did and didn’t get the virus within each class.
    Our Shuls (with varying degrees of strictness) still maintain social distancing and mask wearing policies, and some even still require registration for Minyanim. Our stores (both the Jewish-owned ones and the non-Jewish-owned ones) still require mask wearing and social distancing.

    I was in the NY/NJ area several times recently, and in most places it’s as if there is no virus. This has to be the bigger issue than opening the schools. Indeed, it would seem to make the question of opening schools a joke. Why not open the schools if everything else (restaurants, shuls, weddings, shopping, etc) is business as usual?

    The Gedolei Eretz Yisrael that you referenced were discussing whether to open school in context of a strict lockdown in the rest of society.


    @ari256, all your posts seem to be about other behaviors in regard to Covid, my suggestion is that you should call a professional [via zoom of course] and get some help for your extreme paranoia.


    I’m going to go with what @catch-yourself said. The schools aren’t the issue, the issue is where people pretend that COVID is over. Also in my community (which may be the same one) schools are open, but very carefully with mask wearing and minimizing class mixing. The virus is spreading a little bit through the schools, but not in a worse way than anywhere else. The major upticks still seem to be from the people who have no problem dancing indoors at chasunas with 800 other people, none of them with masks or social distancing.


    The latest scientific medical knowledge of covid-19 is that children are *NOT* a major spreader of the virus.


    @common Sechel
    One question do you think the election was stolen?

    🍫Syag Lchochma



    There are no absolutes at this point, we need to think how to improve things incrementally:

    ujm: children are *NOT* a major spreader
    indeed, probability of passing the virus is lower with age. Teenagers are same as adults. Having more close contacts increases that. So, if you are in a community where nobody is careful, then (elementary/middle) school are not a priority. But, where there are some adults who are more careful, children in schools are a relative high risk.

    Ari256: probably need to focus more on providing families tools to teach their children at home, whether it is one day a week or anything else. The less children are at school at the same time, the better.


    I wouldn’t be writing this if it weren’t a face that at least 5 kids in a relatives class tested positive. Plus I feel I caught it and I live with older parents.

    My point that I am trying to say is that I believe what happened last week was a wake up call. It’s not always the right thing to throw a tantrum, there are government officials and doctors who deserve our respect. And the lack of a good rollout of the vaccine and how rates are not being tamped down just setting new records. We are only learning the hard way.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Ari- i think both sides of the issue have enough facts to back them up so even if i disagree with your take, i think you have every right to be upset.

    Schools by me have been doing things that catch yourself describes and despite revolving quarentines it has been pretty evident that school is not the problem.and having school in session has rescued them from several other problems.


    @ari356 after you get married and have some kids lets talk.
    PS read my post about the election and you will have your answer.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Why is it about having kids? It’s either science based or it isn’t


    The stats I saw is that a lot of current transmission is in families – one member brings it in, he may not become sick, and makes others sick via prolonged contact.

    I would say: if adults are having daily parties, then children are not a problem. Where adults are taking precautions, then children may be a major source of transmission. You will not notice it as most kids will be asymptomatic, but you will see “unexplained” cases in the community, more among parents.


    today’s WSJ: Europe is closing schools as evidence shows levels of infection, changing their previous November position, quoting multiple studies from UK, Germany, Austria, Swiss..

    Still, I think it is clear now that humanity, Jews included, fears children at home more than a pandemic.
    So, maybe you can think pragmatically – what can you do: could you strengthen yourself and fulfill “the shinantem levaneha” on your own for one day with one kid? do that. then, see if you can do it for 2 days with 2 kids. Find a subject that you will enjoy teaching, or the one that you would love to learn. Kids will really respect you more when they see you struggling with rishonim or algebra. Maybe we should have a thread for parent self-help … Exchanging 2 algebra quizzes for one English essay.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Why is it about having kids? It’s either science based or it isn’t

    I’m not sure what you mean by science based. I don’t think weighing the potential risks of covid vs. the damage done to children when they are deprived of school is a scientific question. I think someone with kids might be able to appreciate the second side of the equation better than someone who doesn’t.

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