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    What do we make of this secret operation in which the US not only did not prosecute these inhuman creatures, but actually recruited these Nazi scientists and brought them over to America with their families to aid with NASA and missiles. I guess Edom is Edom no matter what.


    You are right, we should have sent them to Soviets, let them have those missiles. You sound more and more like a leftwinger.


    If we look back at any number of public policy decisions (both actions and inactions) of our government, it will be easy to find any number of those lacking in any moral justification, with arguably racist intent and objectively horrific outcomes. In some cases, we seek to retroactively do tshuvah for such actions but in most cases, move forward and hopefully simply learn from the past


    Under the circumstances I do not blame the US for using Nazi scientists for their own benefit. Even today if they could recruit Iranian nuclear scientists I think they should. Would you prefer they continue to work for Iran?

    People like Wernher von Braun (who lied repeatedly about his involvement with the SS)
    was an evil person but the American veneration for him and his work in NASA was due to believing revisionist history and Braun’s lies. Not because they forgave his Nazi past

    Reb Eliezer

    They should have bombed the tracks to Auschwitz.


    RebE > bombed the tracks to Auschwitz.

    I am aware of this claim, but not 100% sure it is not just for public consumption.

    Railroad tracks were routine bombed by all sides in WW2. And routinely repaired. There was no precision targeting, lots of bombs need to be sent to get something like that. Military targets were a priority. Etc.


    Reb Eliezer- given the bombing accuracy of the time (dump thousands of tons of bombs in a several mile radius and hopefully hit a factory that’s a mile wide) any attempt to bomb the tracks would be more likely to kill everyone in Auschwitz. Not to mention, let’s say they hit the tracks. All that means is they force the yidden in the camp to work 24/7 to fix the tracks, which wouldn’t take that long. so what exactly would that accomplish?

    not to mention, what shaychis does bombing the tracks have with operation paperclip

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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