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    I agree. I’m not impressed by children who don’t know clean characters like Mickey Mouse. It has nothing to do with Yiddishkeit or spirituality. I can respect that, but I think it’s asking a lot from a non-jew to not see this as pointless insulation at best.

    Like I said in an earlier post, considering who the viewers of the show are, the Ginsburg’s were probably not the best candidate for the job.


    From the isolated clips I watched, Oprah’s interview with the Abramsons was the most interesting part in my opinion. Especially how Dinah handled the interview. If anyone knows where there’s a place online where I can watch the episodes in their entirety, please post the website. I know you won’t be able to include the URL, but if I at least have a point to start at, I’ll probably find it.

    I still think the Ginsberg kids, especially the older ones, were doing a bit of acting in terms of Mickey Mouse. So many families visit Disney every year, or have friends who have. It would be impossible, especially for the daughters, to go to school after break and not hear about those things.


    Mickey schmickey. Did they hear of Linsanity?


    They also would know more about what TV is then the Ginsberg kids alluded to. Otherwise, what would be the explanation for why this woman was coming to their house with all sorts of equipment to ask them questions?


    clean characters like Mickey Mouse.

    Please see my prior post. The Lubavitcher Rebbe ZYA did not consider Mickey MOUSE a clean character. Noiach did not either, and my friend who is an exterminator would most certainly agree. You disagree – fine, but we follow our Rebbe and you follow your daas Torah – elu ve’elu. For us not to know about cartoon mice, especially when we do participate in all the world has to offer on our own Torah terms, is a source of pride.

    The Ginsberg children were brought up in BP, where there are Jewish toy stores or Judaica gift stores filled with toys on every commercial block. Why would their parents, who represent the Rebbe’s teachings in BP, bother with Mickey Mouse? It is like asking a balabuste in BP why she doesn’t use Gold Medal flour or can’t remember the name of some popular brand of margarine – why should she if Kemach and Gefen are available on every corner.

    Even if the older ones know who Mickey is, it is like asking me if I know who Tebow or Lin are. Sure, I do – I know they are sports stars. I would not recognize a picture of either of them. I do not know their first names. I am not sure what team they play for, and I’m not sure what sport Lin plays – I think it is basketball but I really would have to double-check. For that matter, is Lin the right spelling of his name? I don’t know. I know Tebow plays football and got some attention for his beliefs. I am very proud I do not know more about sports – for me it is mental clutter.

    They may well know that Mickey is a cartoon character, but that’s about all they know. They don’t count that as knowledge.


    What are the odds that someone who goes to Boro Park looking for a “chassidic family” will end up with a lubavitch family? Why didn’t Oprah, in her quest to interview a chassidic family, go to williamsburg or monroe or new square? I wonder who referred this family to her?


    LOL do you think anyone in Monroe or NS or Willy would ever appear on TV in this way? Someone in Williamsburgh might have been willing to do so, but they risk a fight with the local kanoim if they do. The other 2 places would expel anyone who went on TV at worst, or control their every word at best.

    Your only choices for a show of this type are Chabad, Breslov or one of the Hornesteipol Twerski brothers’ actual families.

    That being said, I, too, am surprised she just did not do the show in Crown Heights, where she had already filmed before the show itself. I guess she wanted the background of BP.


    apashatayid, from what I was told is that Oprah approached chabad and they referred her to the Ginsberg’s.


    i also heard you’re not supposed to tell the goyim about our costoms- something to do with the 70 rabbis asked to write down the translation of the torah?


    My understanding is that we’re not allowed to teach them Torah. But it is OK to say something like “we cover our hair because of modesty”.


    What about the fact that the cameras went into their bedroom?

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