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    I’m making a wedding soon. Cost aside, Anyone have a convincing argument to having a full band?



    Orchestra?! Is that what they get nowadays? Do they rent an extra hall for them?


    By a band, the music sounds fuller and much more complete. Also, by a band you can usually hear each instrument distinctively, while by a one man band, it is all just a mixture of music.


    orchestra there is nothing like a wedding with awesome music. People remember the music and the band so scrimp on the chicken and shmorg

    ha ha ha ha

    a one man band is more leibdig and hartzig as it is usually a heimishe person playing it

    an orchastra is usually people that don’t know the song and are just playing the notes… you can’t compare a song played with “hartz and a bren” to those that are played right off the notes!!

    on the side usually by and orchastra half the dancing floor is standing aroung watching them play as for a one man band it not so!!!

    go for a one man band!!


    i agree. get the…orchestra is the wrong word…but i get what you mean. yep. just make sure that the hall you use has teh acoustics for it otherwise youre wasting your money.


    Mazel Tov!


    BubbyLa –

    If you are musical then you will appreciate the sound of a band much more. If not you won’t see a difference.

    Mazal tov by the way.


    What about a dj


    its impossible to have a wedding as leibidik witha one man band. and thats what counts the most. ditch a side dish and get the band.


    Which ever onr you can afford. Don’t do a band because “that’s the way to go” If you cannot afford it.

    golden mom

    most people today do a one mand band it is totlly excepted and u can ask to hear them bf ask them where the next place they r playing and go see for ur self some r soo good u wouldnt even know its a one man band but of course if u have an extra $2000 approx to throw away then u can go for a fully band


    Thanks all. I do find that having a full band draws a crowd which takes people away from dancing. I know that it sounds better but what good is a wedding that doesn’t have a big crowd.

    On the other hand, it is more geshmak. The good news is that the chosson gets to decide!!


    Most of my friends had a one man band. And most of them are still happily married. Or still married anyway.

    There’s a guy from Lakewood who is really good, but I can’t remember his name from a hole in a head.


    popa- those same friends would still be happily married if theyd gotten married in a funeral home and eaten week old kichel at the seuda.


    Bubby, you are right. The chosson gets to decide and also his family gets to pay for it, so that is one thing off your list. In addition, the music usually coordinates with the venue. If you are holding the wedding in a small place a one man band might be fine and in line with the type of wedding you are planning. On the other hand, if you are planning a large wedding with many guests in a larger venue, that might not be appropriate.


    I think you should get a five piece band with a singer because a One Man Band makes the simcha boring. Please note if you decide to hire a one man band please make sure you are hiring a good key board player because there are many keyboard players out there that don’t know how to play keyboard & they upload songs to the keyboards computer system & push the keys to make believe they are playing when really computer system that has the uploaded songs is playing.

    sem graduate

    You can definitely tell the difference between a full band and a one man band. you obviously have to stick within monetary boundaries, but if you can afford it, a band is definitely worth it. Even if some people stand by the band all the time, it just leaves more room on the dance floor for more people… if you want to see a nice band, type “aaron teitelbaum, taussig” into youtube and check out what comes up…


    Whether a one man band of a five piece band with singer, how about requiring him or them to keep the sound level below the level of permanent damage. At all of the simchas I have attended in, say, the last ten years, the bands have been way too loud, painfully loud. The upper limit of human toleration is 85 dBa. It’s a good idea to check with a sound level meter. During the meal the sound level needs to be much lower – low enough so table mates can carry on a normal conversation without having to shout.


    Was at a wedding last week of a very close relative and the music was intolerably high and I JUST WALKED OUT and went home! I spent a total of 5 minutes at the wedding. His loss…and I get to keep my hearing.

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