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    Anybody hear of the Italian columnist Orianna Falacci? She has some very great and inspirational articles throughout various Italian newspapers/journals, where she goes out on the European and Arab Anti-Sematic actions and statements. I find it very interesting that she continued to write and lecture (in many Ivy League colleges and Universities) despite numerous law-suits against her, and assassination attempts. On top of all that, she herself is not even Jewish! What do you people think of her?


    I think she’s not alive anymore.

    And since she was not a shadchan, a troubled teen, a maharat, a creative chef, a pseudo health care professional dispensing pseudo medical advice, nor even a member of SUC, she is unlikely to elicit much attention or enthusiasm in the YWN CR.

    As you may have noticed.


    LOL!!!! Great H’ara lol you had me cracking up for a while with that


    golfer- LOL!


    Falacci died a few years ago. She was very outspoken on the issue of Islam and terror. She got in the face of Khomeini and Kissinger, just to name two.

    Great comment by Golfer!!!


    Oh yes, that’s true, she took off her hijab (or whatever it’s called, the hair covering thing) right in front of him! That was amazing!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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